Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Kids Soda Creations

And we're back after a short break. More on that in future posts I'm sure. 

Ian and Alli were super excited to do a brand new soda taste test, but this time, they're the chefs! They're both wanting to make up their own recipes. They've been practicing already this week with water or milk, but I brought out an ingredient to really step up their soda game. Fizzy water!

They want their soda to be ice cream flavored, so first we're going to need a few scoops of ice cream. Sherbet to be precise. Ian prefers the Orange Sherbet while Alli like Lime Sherbet. 

I happened to have some La Croix sparkling water which matches well with the flavors they picked out. And La Croix has such a light flavor in the first place, it's not going to over-power anything. 

They've got their own bowls and mixing spoons so they can add as little or as much as they want. Alli didn't want hers to be too "squishy and fuzzy". 

Giving it a good stir. That looks like it needs a little more fizzy water Ian. 

Alli is on the right track. 

Alli asked for a little bit of Ian's in hers to help with the flavor. 

And Ian thought a little of Alli's would be good in his too. 

They had fun with it. 

And in the end, they each got a ladle. Being super careful, they scooped out drinks for everyone. 

Emphasis on the "being super careful". We don't want a sticky mess on the table or floor. 

Excellent job guys! Let's taste it!

Yum! It reminds me a lot of that ice cream soda that we had while we were in Asia, and I loved that! 

Ian said he wanted to be a famous soda maker and have lots of people try his recipes. Keep dreaming big buddy. 

And some random video I took during the whole thing. 


  1. "Crazy Soda" by Alli :-) Those fizzy sodas sound perfect for the warm weather right now...refreshing and light. That was a fun activity with yummy results. Wouldn't mind the lime sherbet by itself, either :-) P.S. Welcome back from wherever! EOM

    1. The kids were so excited to do this that they've started turning all their ice cream desserts, that apparently their grandparents give them after lunch, into soup and mixing them with some liquid.
      And thanks. More to come on that last part in the future.