Saturday, September 5, 2020

Saturday Morning Cereals - French Toast Crunch cereal

Happy Saturday! Time for the last cereal in our four part look at the different versions of Cinnamon Toast Crunch!
This time it's French Toast Crunch!

Originally introduced in the mid 1990s, they were discontinued in 2006. But the demand was high and in 2014, they were brought back!

And you know, if we're going to have French Toast Cereal, we're going to need some french toast to compare it to, right?
I could have made a normal loaf of sandwich bread, but according to some internet research, French Toast is best with a heartier bread that can stand up to the dunking in the egg mixture and not fall apart. I'm going to make a brioche!
For my recipe, I headed to for Easy Brioche Bread.

It's very similar to the Challah we made in July.

The recipe makes 2 loaves. I split the dough into two bowls to rise.

After seeing this one dough rise... I think I'm going to need a bigger loaf pan...
Undaunted, I continued on.

I rolled out the dough and then rolled it into a loaf. I placed it into my buttered loaf pan, then back over to the window-sill to rise a second time.

With my second ball of dough, I'm making a brioche that we can enjoy today. Last time Theresa and I made a 6 plait challah. Always looking for improvements and new challenges, I asked Theresa to walk me through the 8 plait braid.

It was a little loose at the beginning, but by the middle it started to come together. More practice would be good.

My brioche loaf has risen at least an inch above the side of the pan. There's just one more thing I've got to do before it goes into the oven.

My special helper helped me whisk up an egg and some water for an egg-wash, and then we painted it onto the top of the loaf.

I was keeping my eye on this as it was baking. It was getting so big, I had to move the baking racks around so it wouldn't push against the higher one! It's ginormous for a loaf of bread.

And here's the 8 plait brioche. I'll have to work on my symmetry more later.

But that didn't keep Chi and Theresa from wanting to eat it hot out of the oven. For some breads I make them wait a little while for the bread to cool. This time though, I had it sliced and buttered within 2 minutes of coming out of the oven.

They were both appreciative. And it was really delicious bread.

The next morning, after letting my loaf of brioche cool overnight, it was time to make our french toast. I'm using a recipe from for the Best French Toast Recipe. I'm using it because French Toast Crunch says it's bursting with Syrup and Cinnamon Taste. This recipe uses both Syrup and Cinnamon in it.

After mixing it all together, I didn't want to use a bowl because I didn't want the bread to be absolutely drenched in the egg mixture. I used a flat pan, quickly dipped my bread on both sides, and then put it onto a buttered pan.

These are smelling wonderful. I bet they'll taste delicious.

Let's get a few pictures with the cereal before we eat.

The back of the box for completeness.

Comparing the French Toast Crunch cereal and the homemade French Toast.

I love the shapes of the cereal! They look like tiny pieces of toast and they even have the crust!

My French Toast has syrup in the egg mixture along with cinnamon.

Let's eat!

My plate with some maple syrup and butter topping these.

The kids were excited to try it.

Thumbs up on the French Toast.

And the cereal?

Alli likes it. It's sweet and syrupy.

Ian wasn't a fan of the cereal. Too crunchy for him. I think I'm spoiling him by making all these breads to go with our cereal taste tests.

The kids enjoyed the French Toast Crunch taste test!

And Theresa thought the homemade French Toast was fantastic! A lot of work that she'd never do herself, but if I wanted to make it for her, she won't say no. Her favorite breakfast bread, more than waffles and more than pancakes, is french toast, and she said this one was the best she's ever had. Aww, thanks T.
My thoughts. It was a really tasty french toast! The bread was really good for it! It was sturdy enough to handle the egg mixture, but it toasted up in the pan perfectly. The inside was soft and delicious. The french toast mixture was also delicious with the cinnamon and syrup in it. I can see us having this again.


  1. The homemade french toast with that cinnamon & syrup combo sound reeeeeeeeally good!!! The brioche straight from the oven w/ some butter is too irresistible...kind of hard making everyone wait for a bread cool down when that aroma is too enticing :-) The loaf bread rose so much...very unexpected! Even though the cereal looked like french toast, as always there's no comparison to the real homemade version...wonderful baking job! EOM

    1. Thanks! This whole Cinnamon Toast Crunch series has been a fun way to explore making all sorts of different types of bread! Bread is such an easy thing to make and it's always delicious.