Thursday, September 17, 2020

Rotisserie Chicken Pringles

Today we get to try out a new Pringles flavor! Honestly when I saw it on the shelf, I mistook it for something we've already tried before. We tried Roasted Turkey Pringles earlier this year and I thought these were those. But my brother knew better and had a few things shipped to me in a package, these included!

And since we're trying Rotisserie Chicken Pringles, we've got to have a Rotisserie Chicken to go along with it. Thank you Sam's Club for having a big chicken for just $5.

The chips have an interesting smell to them and they are dusted with a brown powder.

Let's eat! Along with our rotisserie chicken and Pringles, plenty of fruits, veggies, yellow rice, hummus, and pita.

Alli is enjoying a drumstick to go along with her Pringle.

While Ian likes the white meat.

Alli likes them a lot! Ian thinks they're good too.
Theresa and I tried them as well. Hmm, these don't taste that much like a rotisserie chicken to me. I'm getting a barbecue flavor with a bit of smoke. Not bad, but I'm not getting a savory chicken flavor either.

And they got a thumbs up from Richard and Chi too.
They're interesting chips. Not my favorite, but interesting.


  1. Rotisserie chicken flavor...very interesting flavor to capture in a chip! Chicken looks good, along with all those fruits & veggies...yum, yum. Wings and drumsticks (yay Alli!) were my favorites growing up; now, it's the skinless white meat camp (yay Ian!) Chalk up another Pringles flavor from the long list of flavors! EOM

    1. It's certainly interesting the flavors they come up with.
      I think I need to take this taste test overseas and see what kind of interesting flavors we can find there!