Monday, September 21, 2020

Pizza at Home - Apple Gorgonzola Pizza

It's Sunday so it's pizza day!
Today we've got something a little different. One of the sites that I've been getting a lot of my recipes from is I remember when I was making the recipe for BBQ Chicken pizza from there, that Sally mentioned it was her second favorite pizza. Her favorite is the pizza we're making tonight.
It's a Caramelized Apple Gorgonzola Pizza! We're going to give it a shot tonight!

And if we're making a pizza from SallysBakingAddiction we should probably use a recipe for the crust from there too!

It's a pretty easy recipe and it does make a nice and fluffy crust.

After kneading it has to rise for a couple hours.

After splitting it in two, I let it rise a 2nd time.
This pizza has only a few ingredients. Pizza dough, mozzarella, gorgonzola cheese, apples and rosemary. It'll get topped with honey.

There's no sauce on this pizza. Just cheeses and rosemary. Time to top it with an apple. It'll need to be sliced thin, so I pulled out the mandolin.

Perfectly thin slices.

I spread them in a thin layer all over the top of the pizza.

I pulled it out of the oven and it looks fantastic! Sally suggested drizzling honey over the warm pizza. What better thing to use than real Flowers Honey. My parents harvested this honey back in 2012! It only comes out on special occasions.

Smile guys! Of course I made a regular pizza too with pepperoni and ham, just in case.

My plate tonight. The regular pizza was delicious like usual.
The apple gorgonzola was interesting. It was sweet and salty like Sally described. The gorgonzola cheese reminded me a little bit of the cambazola cheese from our Napa Rose signature pizzetta.
It's like a fancy pizza with sophisticated flavors.

Oh boy. All the fingers down. They did not like this one. I think it's the cheese.

Good thing I have the other pizza. Alli said my regular pizza with pepperoni is her favorite pizza ever. Well that's another one we've tried!


  1. Back-up pizza to the rescue for the kids :-) Apples and honey...interesting take on a pizza...pretty to look at with the apple-slice arrangement. Since no sauce was used on the new pizza, wonder if Theresa enjoyed it like the other sauceless ones. EOM

    1. Even though it had no sauce, Theresa thought this one was a little too weird. She wants me to make the Napa Rose Signature Pizzetta again. I can't blame her. It's a really really good one.