Monday, August 24, 2020

Pizza at Home - BBQ Chicken Pizza

Our little Pizza at Home experiment every Sunday has been a fun challenge. What can we do different every Sunday with pizza?
Tonight we're making a BBQ Chicken Pizza. Did you know that the BBQ Chicken Pizza was created in 1985 by the California Pizza Kitchen? I know I always think about CPK when I think of this kind of pizza.

I found a recipe for the pizza that I wanted to go with, and it just happened to have a dough recipe to go along with it. I've used for a lot, so it's no surprise that I'm using their recipe for a Homemade Pizza Crust

After letting it rise for an hour, I split the dough into two pieces and then let it rise a second time.

For the BBQ Chicken Pizza I'm also using the recipe from SallysBakingAddiction. Chicken, smoked gouda, mozzarella, red onion, bbq sauce, and cilantro to top it off.

All my ingredients are ready so it's time to assemble. I put down a based of BBQ sauce as the base, topped it with the 2 cheeses, then the onion and chicken. I made sure to mix the chicken with BBQ sauce ahead of time to help it not get too dry.

Here's the BBQ Chicken pizza. I have to admit, it's looking pretty delicious.

And just in case people don't like the BBQ sauce pizza, I put together a regular pizza too. A red sauce that I whipped up, pepperoni, salami, and link sausage.

Pizza is ready! Wash up!

Oh wow, that BBQ Chicken Pizza turned out so amazing! That green cilantro is making those colors POP!

And the meat pizza turned out great too.

My first plate... I might have had a lot of pizza tonight. That BBQ chicken was sweet, tangy, and so delicious. It's quite a bit different from any of the other pizzas we've done so far, and it was outstanding.

The kids thought it was just okay. They like the regular pizza best. Chi and Richard loved the new flavor of the BBQ chicken pizza.

Tonight was a great experiment! What's pizza is going to be next?


  1. Both pizzas baked well, with a slight edge to the bbq chicken one because of the different textures (varying "heights" on the surface) and the colors from the red onion and green cilantro. But more importantly, sounds like both pizzas were delicious (well, maybe to different degrees for each person). Great new pizza to add to the list! EOM

    1. Definitely going to be making that BBQ Chicken one again. I like the cilantro and red onion flavors a lot.