Friday, August 14, 2020

Making Hawaiian Shaved Ice at Home!

It's a beautiful weekend here in Southern California. During our nightly reading, in one of our Hawaii stories, we'd read about how much we enjoyed eating Hawaiian Shaved Ice. 
Ian - Can we please have shaved ice this weekend? 
I think we can arrange that buddy.  

With temperatures in the 80s, the kids wanted to turn the sprinklers on and play on the trampoline.
Kids - Can daddy jump with us too?
Yep, why not.

What kind of syrups do we have? There's some good flavors there but we're missing some of the best ones. So... I think we can make those syrups ourselves!

I would love to have some pineapple syrup on mine Ian, can you help me out?
In the blender Ian put some pineapple chunks and some pineapple juice we happened to have in the fridge.

Pour that into a saucepan and we're ready for the next one.

Alli wants some strawberry syrup. And also lemon syrup. Sounds like just the kind of thing her cousin Aubrey would love. We went through the same process of blending strawberries and water. 

Then that went into a saucepan.

Now to add just a pinch of sugar, or maybe a 1/2 cup. Thanks for the help Alli.

Alright kids, you've done your part. I'll take over the stovetop duties. All these juices came to a boil and reduced the water content to syrup levels.

Our four flavors are done! There's pineapple, mulberry, strawberry, and lemon. I filtered each through a fine mesh strainer and then put the syrup into the freezer to chill.

Since yesterday I've had a few of these pucks of water in the freezer. And I also made some frozen milk pucks too.

This Hawaiian Shaved Ice machine has seen a bit of use, but it's still going strong!

Any time there's something loud in the kitchen it's either this or them running out of the room.

The ice is shaved. Now it's time to add our syrups!

Strawberry Lemonade for Alli. Ian wanted all red, Cherry Watermelon Strawberry. Looks tasty guys!

What better place to enjoy it than outside in the sunshine.

Who could this one be for, with all four of our homemade syrups?


And Grammy wanted all four flavors too. She said she really loved mulberry syrup.

While everyone else is getting shaved ice, I was introduced to shaved snow back in Hawaii. Instead of water, it uses frozen milk!

With pineapple, mulberry, and strawberry syrups. Yum!

A snow cap (sweetened condensed milk)? Don't mind if I do.

Someone likes to make hers into soup.

It was a delicious treat on a sunny day!


  1. Now that's a summer treat! Great kitchen activity for the kids. All those homemade syrups sound perfect for the shaved ice and shaved snow (first time I ever heard of shaved snow!) There's a different look to the shaved snow when the syrup is poured on it vs onto shaved ice. Snow cap (hahaha)! EOM

    1. It's great to have one of these to help cool down when you're outside. The kids are always excited to help out in the kitchen, especially if it's for treats!