Sunday, August 30, 2020

Saturday Morning Cereals - Chocolate Toast Crunch

Happy Saturday! Time for another cereal taste test!
We've already tried regular Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros. Today we're going to be eating Chocolate Toast Crunch!

These cereal squares have real cocoa and cinnamon, as opposed to all that fake cocoa and cinnamon you see everywhere. And if we're going to be eating the cereal, I'm going to have to make some chocolate toast to go with it.

Let's make some bread! I found a lot of recipes for chocolate bread, but so many of them looked like chocolate cake loaves. I'm looking for a bread that I can toast. Eventually I found a recipe for chocolate bread rolls. I figure I can take that and do something similar to the loaf pan method with the dough and things should still work out. I'm using the recipe for Chocolate Buns from except I'm not putting any chocolate chips in it. I did add a teaspoon of cinnamon as well because that's what the cereal has.

All the dough came together like normal. It's just looking really chocolatey right now.

Once it was all mixed and kneaded, it was time to let it rest. With these warm temperatures, it's not going to take too long for it to double in size.

That's our first rise completed. Now it's time to get it into the loaf pan.

I rolled it flat, but unfortunately it was very sticky. I dusted the counter-top with flour, but I'm concerned it's going to change the color of the outside of the loaf. Oh well, nothing can be done about that.

I rolled it into a log, placed it into the loaf pan, and then buttered the top.

An hour later, it has risen above the edge of the pan. Time to bake it for 35 minutes at 350F.

Last time I made bread, the house was smelling delicious. The smell coming from the kitchen this time was wonderful! It was chocolatey and Theresa even picked up on the cinnamon that I had mixed in. Looks great! And smells great!

I cut a few slices and prepared to toast them.

A little bit of butter, a little cinnamon and sugar. These are going to be tasty.

Here's the back of the box, just for good measure.

Our cereal and our fresh chocolate bread.

The cereal has swirls just like the regular Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It's just a darker shade.

Theresa made a piece with swirls of butter, cinnamon, and sugar.

Let's eat it!

Did someone say bread? Grammy must have smelled it because it wasn't too long before she came over. (actually one of the kids ran over and told her to come)

Another successful baking day!

Chocolate Toast and Chocolate Toast Crunch cereal. Both of them were really good!

Richard liked the toast especially. Chi still likes my plain homemade bread best.

Still getting a thumbs up though.

And the kids give it two thumbs up! Thanks guys! One more "Toast Crunch" to go!


  1. Chocolate Toast Crunch sounds good...but still can't beat fresh, homemade chocolate bread toasted with a dusting of cinnamon/sugar/butter :-) The bread came out well...most importantly, tastes great! EOM

    1. I've been happy that so many of these "first time baking" recipes turn out so well. Boy things are so much easier with the internet. Being able to pick from dozens of different recipes on anything you can imagine. Versus having to find a recipe book and hoping the author knew what they were doing when they wrote it out. I think I'm spoiled.