Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Making Village Inn French Silk Pie at Home!

We certainly love our desserts here at the Flowers' house. But in the battle between cakes, cookies, ice cream, pastries, or pies, there's one dessert that reigns supreme for me. It's got to be pie, and the one pie that I love the most is the French Silk Pie from Village Inn. If I'm ever back in Colorado visiting family, either my parents or my brother will pick one up for me since they know I love it so much. There's no Village Inns anywhere in California, so I'm out of luck if I want one.
This weekend we're celebrating my birthday, so Theresa said she'd make me my very favorite dessert. Awesome! Take it away Theresa!

Village Inn was founded back in 1959 in the great state of Colorado. They were originally known for their breakfast foods, but before long, they started winning multiple awards for their delicious pies!

Theresa didn't want to make the pie crust from scratch. I can't blame her. Using a pie crust from Pillsbury, she rolled it out and got it ready to bake.

After pressing it into the pie tin, Theresa started getting fancy with the crust.

Now we've got to bake it. Theresa is lining it with aluminum foil. You're supposed to use pie weights, but we didn't have those. How about pea gravel?

Why are we baking rocks?

After baking the crust with the rocks, Theresa baked it a little longer to cook and brown the crust. This is all the baking that this crust will ever see.

Now it's time to follow the recipe. Like so many other recipes we've used, Theresa is using the French Silk Pie recipe from There's a lot of pieces to this pie crust. The first is to melt some chocolate bars using a double boiler. Theresa used a Trader Joe's Pound Plus 72% Dark Chocolate bar

Then it's time to use a double boiler again for eggs and sugar. There's a lot of whisking for this one to keep it from turning into scrambled eggs.

 The melted chocolate got mixed into the eggs and sugar.

And separately Theresa creamed together sugar and butter. Now the chocolate and egg mixture gets added to the butter and sugar.

Well isn't this a surprise. When there's chocolate spatulas to be licked, this girl is always around. She has a nose for what's cooking in the kitchen.

Here you go guys. The eggs are all cooked, so you guys can go to town on it.

Admittedly, the whisk is not the easiest thing to eat off of.

Apologies for the sound, but Alli was really enjoying the chocolate.

Theresa had made up a batch of whipped cream before this, and now it's time to fold that into our chocolate, sugar, butter, egg mixture.

Don't mind if I do. I get the paddle.

Theresa scooped the filling into the prepared pie crust and now it's time for it to chill in the fridge for a few hours.

No kids around Theresa. I guess you get the spatula.

Couldn't fit all the filling into the pie crust Theresa? Let me help you out with that. So far it's pretty delicious!

We're not quite done yet. One more batch of whipped cream to put on top.

After chilling in the fridge for a few hours, it's time to top that pie with whipped cream.

Just one more thing to add. Using a vegetable peeler, she grabbed the chocolate bar and got some shavings from it.

Theresa that's looking so delicious! I'm ready to eat it!

Kids, this is going to be a treat!

That first slice is a little difficult to get out, but she managed.

Look that that fluffy chocolate layer on bottom. I love the French Silk pie because it has a regular butter crust instead of a graham cracker crust. This was great! And the flavor? It was so good! So close to Village Inn!

And the kids? Ian thought it was great!

And Alli loved it as well!

Theresa, you did a fantastic job! The pie is huge. It's going to be so good for leftovers!


  1. No wonder it's your favorite pie...looks sooooooooooooooooo good! Fantastic creation, Theresa!...wonderful birthday treat for Joe! Like the edging trick on the pie it an extra special touch. Looks like everyone got into the "chocolate licking" act this time; and Alli didn't let the whisk stop her one bit :-) Great birthday pie dessert, along with the confetti birthday cake! EOM

    1. Theresa did a great job with it! So much that Ian said he wants this pie for his birthday too!

  2. This looks really good! I laughed at the part about baking the pea gravel! LOL Looks like everyone enjoyed it!

  3. That’s also my favorite pie in the whole world. She did a wonderful job making that for you with lots of love. Bravo Mom! 👏