Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Disney Treats at Home - Turkey Legs and Chili Lime Buttered Corn on the Cob

It's time for another round of Disney Treats at Home! This Disney treat can be found in a few different locations, but for me, when I think smoked turkey legs and buttered corn, I'm thinking the Frontierland Ship to Shore Marketplace right at the edge of the Rivers of America.
It's there that you will find ginormous Smoked Turkey Legs and delicious Corn on the Cob.
I've been missing these and so, let's try to make them at home!

For my recipe, I'm following as my guide. To start, we're going to need a brine. My turkey legs will brine overnight using a mix of all of these spices.

Throw them into a pot, bring it to a boil, and then let it chill before adding the turkey legs.

And speaking of turkey legs, where am I going to be able to find them? It's a question I was asking myself. Eventually I was able to find them at my local Ralph's (Kroger). They're quite a bit smaller than the ones you'll find at Disneyland, but they'll have to do. The Disneyland Turkey Legs are about 34 ounces each! These aren't even 14 ounces, but they'll have to do.

I rinsed the turkey legs and got them ready for the brine.

These will sit in the brine overnight and be ready to smoke tomorrow.

The next day, I rinsed the brine off the turkey legs and then prepared a rub.

Thanks for the help Mickey.

The rub was also from

And this is what it looked like afterwards.

Now I have an electric smoker that I've used occasionally for ribs, pork, and brisket. I headed outside with my turkey legs, ready for a low and slow smoke for the next 4-6 hours and... it wouldn't turn on. Even plugging it in tripped the GFI outlet. There's obviously a short circuit internally. I grabbed my screwdrivers, opened what panels I could easily remove, but couldn't find anything obvious.
Well as an engineer, it's part of the job to adapt and overcome. On my regular grill I've got a small wood chip smoker box. It'll have to do.

With wood chips smoking on one side of the grill, and the turkey legs on the other, I let these smoke until the internal temperature got above 165F. Even though I had my grill on as low as it could go, it still was hotter than I would have liked. Never-the-less, I've got a smoker box and smoked turkey legs.

Once they hit the right temperature, I wrapped them in foil and set them aside for 30 minutes. That'll give me enough time for our next Disney Treat.

The different locations at Disneyland serve corn two ways. There's the easy way which is just buttered corn. Then there's the one that's a little bit more involved, using a Chili-Lime butter.

Minnie Mouse is helping me out with this one. I'm using the recipe from for the Chili-Lime butter. It includes the ingredients above and the zest and juice from a lime. With the cayenne and chili powder, it's going to have a little bit of heat to it.

Fresh corn on the cob. I love it when it's the middle of summer and corn is just 25 cents an ear. It tastes so much better than the corn from the off-season.

With the corn shucked, I buttered each piece, only regular butter at this point, and added kosher salt and freshly ground pepper.

It's ready to wrap and grill.

As opposed to the turkey legs, in this case I got my grill ripping hot. I turned them a quarter turn every 5 minutes until all 4 sides had seen the heat. I could hear the corn inside sizzling through the foil.

Alright kids, let's eat!

The turkey legs, while on the small side, still smell delicious, and I bet they'll taste good too.

For some of the corn, I coated them with regular butter. The kids will want those. For the others I used my newly prepared Chili-Lime butter.

I'm hungry!

Theresa cut into one and I can see that the brine and the smoke did their job, giving me a nice pink ring. It's certainly not as greasy as the ones from Disneyland. Because of that, and also in combination with using the grill I imagine, it's a little more dry than I would have hoped, but the flavor it has makes up for it.

Chi said she's been wanting a giant turkey leg from Disneyland but never could bring herself to get one since they're so big. Now she said that she's satisfied.

The corn was deliciously sweet. The addition of the chili-lime butter was great! I thought it was a great addition, though not everyone agreed. Sometimes it's hard to beat the classic butter, salt, and pepper.

It certainly looks like a Disneyland turkey leg when you're finished.

Mmm. That's some good corn. The kids enjoyed the big chunks of meat from the turkey legs as well.

First plate...

And after the second one... Maybe I am missing Disneyland's snacks more than I thought.

Theresa said that my chin was still greasy from eating turkey legs. I can't argue that.
Tonight was another fun addition to our Disneyland treat repertoire!


  1. Mmm, mmm good :-)...That's the expression of a satisfying meal!...grilled turkey legs (seasoning looks great) and buttery corn on the cob!...Looks filling and delicious!!! Read "Thanks for the help, Mickey" before I saw the picture...brought a smile to my face when I saw what you meant :-) Another wonderful Disneyland treat enjoyed immensely! P.S. When the weather cools a bit, how about that cheese soup (can't remember the exact name) in a sour dough bread bowl that the family enjoys from DCA? That'll make use of your bread baking skills and the introduction of another cheese dish...just a thought for another Disney Treat. EOM

    1. You're reading my mind! That sourdough bread bowl is on my list. I'll need to figure out a good sourdough recipe. And you're right, soup sounds better in the Fall or Winter than it does in the summer.