Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Fudge Brownie M&Ms

Today we're happy to get to try a new M&M flavor. Has it really been November since we've had a new flavor to try? The new flavor is Fudge Brownie, so you know what that means. We've got to make brownies ourselves!

The kids and I went to the kitchen and got all our ingredients together.

Time in the kitchen is good for learning all kinds of things. Theresa asked them if they knew which bowls could and couldn't go into the microwave. Then she recounted a story from when she was little about putting a metal bowl in the microwave and then freaking out when it started sparking.

Alli is great at cracking eggs.

You're right Alli, it does look like a smiley face.

The back of the box gives instructions for 2 kinds of brownies, either fudge or cake-like brownies. Ian knows that we're making the fudge version because the M&Ms are Fudge Brownie.

First Ian is adding the oil to the bowl.

Alright little reader, how much water do we need to add?

Thanks Alli!

Looking in the bowl, the kids were wondering what was going on. Why isn't this mixing? Time for some teaching!

We're learning about density of certain liquids. The water is more dense than the oil, so the oil floats to the top. Science!

What about the eggs? Any guesses on whether they're more or less dense than these? Turns out they're more dense than both the oil and the water. Now we have three layers!

Time to mix everything together. Alli added the brownie mix.

Holding the bowl steady while Ian stirs things up.

They used butter to grease up the pan so the brownies don't stick too bad.

A picture of all of us together. Thanks Theresa!

Now that everything is mixed up, it's time to add it to the pan. Alli used the scraper to get a lot of the batter into the pan.

And then Ian helped finish it off.

Into the oven it goes! 350F for 38 minutes!

After cooling down, the brownies are ready to eat! After lunch it was time to have our taste test!

The brownies are chewy fudge alright. The M&Ms are all the regular colors. I was thinking perhaps they'd be a few different shades of brown.

When I take a closer look at the package, I'm wondering "What did Red do to make Ms. Brown so upset!?"

No matter. Let's eat! Theresa loves brownies and just can't say no to this type of taste test.

Okay, let's give these Fudge Brownie M&Ms a shot first.


They are... not as good as they were hoping. Not quite sure why. To me they tasted like an M&M with soft insides.

Grammy was walking by so we asked her if she wanted any fudge brownies. She said, "No, but I do really like these!"
She grabbed a couple M&Ms and then had an "aha" moment when she realized they just look like Peanut M&Ms. She was not expecting the brownie inside.

But Richard stopped by too and loved the regular brownies.

And if you're going to have brownies, you've got to have some ice cold milk.

While Theresa thinks coffee is good with brownies.

Let's take a closer look inside of these. Of course there's the outer candy shell. Inside that is a hard chocolate layer. Further inside that is the fudge brownie layer.

And picking apart that Fudge Brownie layer, it's definitely chewy. Tasting it by itself, it reminded me a little bit of a Tootsie Roll. Kind of chewy like a taffy. Well they were interesting. I'm looking forward to the next M&M release!


  1. Chewy fudge brownies is a winner for me, too! Great kitchen classroom lesson on different food densities and appropriate cookware in the microwave (big safety lesson in that one). Alli's furrowed brows and Ian's unexcited expression showed how good those M&M's tasted to them :-) Grammy's expression seemed to mirror similar thoughts! Nice clean cut of the M&M to show its inside! EOM

    1. I like when we can mix a little science in with everything. It helps take it from book concepts to practical application of knowledge.