Saturday, August 29, 2020

Happy Birthday Kit Kat! - Taste testing Kit Kat Birthday Cake

Time for another Kit Kat taste test! Did you know that today is Kit Kat's Birthday? August 29th, 1935, which means it's turning 85 today!
To celebrate, we've got a birthday cake flavored Kit Kat bar! We're excited! We recently read the Kit Kat taste test we did from 2016. Alli was a baby then and didn't get to participate, so the kids want to redo that soon.

And of course we'll be trying it alongside a piece of birthday cake! Pink candle on the packaging. Better get a pink candle for our cake too.

Here's a closer look at that packaging. That package has the long cylindrical sprinkles, just like the ones we used in our homemade birthday cake.

A closer look at the Kit Kat bars though and it's clear they've used the tiny sphere sprinkles.

Time to blow out the candle!

Who doesn't love blowing out birthday candles?

Kids - Can you light it again?
Of course. They had fun singing the Happy Birthday song to the Kit Kat.

And now it's time for cake! And Kit Kats.

It's not that he doesn't like it. He's got a loose tooth that's fairly wiggly and it hurts when he bites onto it.

Theresa - It smells like birthday cake.

Theresa - Wow, it really does taste like birthday cake too.

I agree! They did a really good job getting that baked cake flavor into this.

Let's take a closer look at those layers. From the side I couldn't tell if they had a different color to them or not. It looked a little pinkish to me.

But splitting it open, it's just a regular wafer inside. And that brown is chocolate from what I could tell.

Alli thinks both are tasty.

Thumbs up from Alli for both the Kit Kat and the birthday cake.
Ian loves the birthday cake but he's giving a half-way thumbs up for the Kit Kat.
Happy Birthday Kit Kat!


  1. How perfect to have that birthday cake still available for the Kit Kat celebration! The colorful sprinkles are very festive on both the Kit Kat and cake. Amazing the candy captured both the cake taste and smell...didn't seem like an easy task to undertake! Alli is showing the proper way to take a BIG breath for any candle blowing event :-) Enjoying those simple games in life...Ian and Alli having fun with the "blow the candle" game! EOM

    1. Theresa reminds me that I need to take more video of these times. The pictures and write-ups are great, but video is even better.