Monday, August 10, 2020

Pizza at Home - White Sauce Garlic Chicken and Spinach pizza

Happy Sunday! As it has been for the last few months, Sunday means pizza day at our house. And I've been attempting to make a new style of homemade pizza every week! Tonight we're changing thing up from our usual red sauce pizzas and going with a white sauce pizza. The toppings I most associate with white pizza are chicken and spinach, so that's what I'll be making tonight. Let's hope it's delicious!

I started this by looking for a white sauce recipe. I found success on for a White Pizza Sauce, made from heavy cream, butter, parmesan, cream cheese, and garlic. That all came together pretty quick, though I did triple the amount of garlic, because as a family we love that flavor.

On that same site was a recipe for Fail-Proof Homemade Pizza Dough. I didn't have any specific kind of dough in mind for tonight's pizza, so I figured why not give it a try. I'll add it to the dozen other pizza doughs I've made thus far.

After letting it rise for 2 hours, I split the dough into thirds and let it rise once more.

And along with making the white alfredo pizza sauce, I also grilled up some chicken.

I wasn't sure everyone would like the pizza tonight, so as backup I'm making a red sauce pizza too.

This is a meat-lovers pizza. Ground pepperoni, regular pepperoni, ham, and sliced sausage. And then on half of it, I added goat cheese and pineapple. Well if no-one else likes it, I know I certainly will.

For our white sauce pizza, I put down a good layer of the alfredo sauce, topped it with mozzarella, and then our chicken.

After 8 minutes or so in the 500F oven, I pulled it out and topped it with spinach. Then it was back into the oven for 2 more minutes before it's finally ready to eat.

And with the 3rd dough ball, I made a batch of breadsticks. Yum! Let's eat!

That white pizza looks fantastic!

The meat-lovers pizza is a bit of a mess, but I'm certain it will taste great.

I thought both were fantastic. And the white pizza could have used even a little more garlic.

Ian had a hard time choosing between the two. He liked them both.
Now usually he's not one to eat his pizza crust, but with the extra white sauce from the pizza, now we have a little alfredo sauce for dipping! I told him that his crusts were really just free breadsticks and now he can use it to dip into the sauce!

Rich and Chi thought they were both delicious.

For Alli there was no question. The white sauce pizza was her favorite.
Tonight's pizza was delicious! This series is making me work hard to come up with lots of new recipes!


  1. Triple the garlic and still not garlicky enough!...definitely a garlic family! The spinach adds a nice color against the light backdrop (guess that's another way to have some greens :-) ) Looks like white sauce pizza will need to make more frequent appearances...great, new pizza creation! EOM

    1. Agreed! We love the garlic! The white pizza was a tasty new addition to our repertoire!