Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Alli gets burned

Phew! Well it's not always sunshine and rainbows.
Sometimes things go wrong too. Thankfully she's back home and feeling better. Good thing Alli is a tough cookie.

It's tough when kids get hurt. But Alli said she wanted me to write it up anyway.
During dinner one night, we made soup. When Alli climbed into her chair, somehow she caught the soup bowl with her hand and it poured hot soup down her shirt. Despite pulling off her shirt and getting her rinsed off as quick as possible, it was still hot enough to burn her skin.
Rushing to the hospital, she was quickly taken care of, but because of the severity of the burns, she would have to stay a few nights.
Once she got some morphine in her system, she was all good and not feeling any pain. She got a Mrs. Teddy Bear from the hospital to help her feel better. And she got dessert too!

Because of COVID restrictions, only 1 parent is allowed to be with her. She got bandaged up. Theresa sent a picture saying she looked like Rey from Star Wars.

And even though she's not allowed to have visitors, that doesn't mean we can't go see her. Luckily her room is facing the parking garage, which means we can kinda see her through the window.

She was happy to get visitors.

She got presents too! My brother and his wife sent chocolates up to the room. They know exactly what she likes.

When we asked how Alli was doing, she'd say "Brilliant!" She loves the hospital. Perhaps it's because she hasn't been out of the house going anywhere for 5 months. This is like an all-inclusive resort with room service, 3 meals a day she gets to pick off a menu, snacks brought up 3 times a day, Disney movies, chocolate, coloring books, Lego, and storybooks. She was saying how much she enjoyed the hospital. She said she watched Frozen 2 four times plus watching a lot of Phineas and Ferb!

Speaking of playing with Lego, her room overlooks a local airport. I asked her to build me an airplane.

Looks wonderful Alli.

Getting more visitors to the parking garage.

Hi Grammy and Grandpa!

Theresa brought her this unicorn coloring book.

We both worked on it together. Those unicorns have a lot of hair. Sticking your tongue out helps you focus.

We were having a hard time finding all 6 differences between the two pictures.
Alli - Maybe we should call a doctor?

More parking garage visitors! Thanks for stopping by Uncle Jacob! Alli loved all the attention.

3 days later it's finally time to come home! Even though she loved being at the hospital, she loves home even more.

Taking the fun wheelchair ride out of the hospital.

Someone has really missed his sister. We've been FaceTiming a whole bunch but there's no substitute for the real thing.

He made her Get Well cards while she was in the hospital and a Welcome Home sign along with making gifts for her too.

What do you want to eat for dinner Alli?
Alli - Steak!
I agree. I'm really happy you're back home Alli. Let's celebrate!
There's still a bit more recovery to go, but she's a very happy little girl.


  1. Good to see Alli smiling despite the ordeal...must have been really scary & painful for her and the family when it first happened! All that love and attention at/near the hospital definitely helped her to heal faster...Alli's spirits would soar looking out the window and waving to familiar faces :-); and not to forget how chocolates always make the body feel/heal better, too :-) What a welcome home hug by Ian, along with all the heartfelt-made cards & gifts...he definitely missed little sis. So glad Alli is doing so well after such a scary experience!...what a trooper, or should I say Rey? P.S. Like that Lego plane! EOM

    1. Whew! So scary. Haha, yes, a trooper/Rey. I love the relationship Alli and Ian have.
      I should post a follow-up to this one, but you can tell from the later posts that she's doing great! Once she got medicine in her, this turned into a vacation!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! The burn doctor saw her recently and said the skin is healing wonderfully!