Saturday, August 15, 2020

Saturday Morning Cereals - Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Happy Saturday! It's time for another cereal taste test! This time we're tasting Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Can you see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? It's the Cinnamon and Sugar in every bite!

And what better thing to compare it to than fresh cinnamon and sugar toast!

And did I really buy a loaf pan just so I could make my own bread for this cereal taste test? Yes, yes I did. It's really not too difficult to make sandwich bread at home. And boy is it delicious. I used this recipe for Simply Sandwich Bread from After mixing all the ingredients together I set it aside to rise.

And after 90 minutes it was fluffy. I punched it down and then gave it a little more kneading.

Next I rolled it out the dough into a long rectangle. I buttered my new loaf pan getting it ready for the dough.

Rolling it into a log, I put it into the loaf pan to rise for a second time.

It's a good inch above the edges, which means it's finally time to bake!

Theresa found her way into the kitchen and was wondering what was smelling so good. It was making the kitchen smell really good.

It looks like a tasty loaf of bread. Theresa wanted to cut it open immediately, but we've got to let it cool down just a little bit first.

After 20 minutes I sliced it open. Wow! That looks perfect!

And it sliced perfectly too!

I buttered and toasted a few of the slices and then dusted them with cinnamon and sugar.

A look at the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

And my fresh bread, toasted, with cinnamon sugar.

Enough talking, let's eat it! Ian thought the cinnamon toast was great.

Alli liked the cereal.

Theresa didn't want me doing anything to her slices of bread. Just a little bit of butter.

Yum! Do you remember the names of the three Cinnamon Toast Crunch bakers?

Wendell is the one you might recognize. He's the main spokesman. And then there's Bob and Quello. And now, Baker Joe!

Real cinnamon and sugar in every bite.

Thumbs up from the kids.

And a big thumbs up from T's parents too! Chi had 4 slices of bread! It's really hard to resist freshly baked bread, especially if it's still warm from the oven.


  1. The bread loaf baked beautifully (perfect shape!)...nicely browned with that soft texture inside...yum, yum! That's why one only needs a little butter to savor the warm, freshly baked bread :-)...cinnamon and sugar are "just icing on the cake (toast)" :-) Ever think about other breads such as rye, pumpernickel, etc?...I'm sure you could dream up some fun ways to use a variety of breads and enjoy the challenge of mastering other bread varieties! Nevertheless, nice bread baking! EOM

    1. I've thought about other breads for sure. I need to get a good sourdough recipe for one of my Disney Treats at Home ideas.
      I can't say that I eat rye or pumpernickel very frequently (usually only at a fancy restaurant in their bread basket). We'll see if one of those pops up here in one of these Make at Home meals.