Friday, August 28, 2020

Making Pick Up Stix at Home!

It's the middle of the week, but that doesn't mean we can't make something special at home. I think Pick Up Stix should be something we can knock out without too much trouble.

With photos from the Pick Up Stix website as our guide, here's what we're going to be making tonight. White Rice is a given, Broccoli Beef, Cream Cheese Wontons, Wonton Soup, and Vegetable Fried Rice.

I got everything started on the stove. Veggies for the fried rice, beef and onions, and our wonton soup. The cream cheese wontons will be frying in that oil in the back as soon as it's hot.

Theresa scrambled some egg, seasoned the rice, and mixed it all together.

Let's eat! Alli, stay away from that soup! You might notice that going forward, the hot food will be well away from them.

You've seen the pictures above. Here's how ours turned out.
The Broccoli Beef was tasty. Cream Cheese Wontons are delicious all the time. The wonton soup was savory, and the fried rice was just right.

It was a tasty dinner and pretty quick to all come together!


  1. Nice team cooking...everything looks delicious! For some reason that wonton soup is just calling out to me right now...always a favorite of mine growing up. Like that broccoli...nice and green, and looks good with that beef. Good plan keeping the hot foods farthest away from the young ones! EOM

    1. Usually we'd do more soups in the wintertime when it's cooler, but some soups just sound good. Like this savory and salty wonton soup.
      Definitely learned our lesson on the hot foods and keeping them away from the kids. Thankfully she's recovering great!