Friday, August 7, 2020

Lucky Charms Marshmallows

Those kids! They're always after those Lucky Charms.
And the best part about Lucky Charms is, of course, the Marshmallows!

So when I saw that Kraft (the same company that makes Jet-Puffed Marshmallows) was making a brand new product of Lucky Charms Marshmallows, I had to get some! Apparently at the end of the rainbow there's a pot full of these Lucky Charms Marshmallows!

These marshmallows are in four fun colors and shapes. The Lucky Charms cereal was originally created in 1964 and the marshmallows have gone through plenty of changes. Originally just 4 marshmallows, now each bowl contains 8 unique marshmallows.

There's lots of versions of the jingle, but the one I remember is from ~1994 with "Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes, Clovers, and Blue Moons, Pots of Gold, and Rainbows, and Tasty Red Balloons!"
Here's how the marshmallows match up to their cereal marshmallow counterparts.

Lucky! Those charms are for the kids!

Let's eat up! First the kids wanted to taste the cereal marshmallows.

The kids did go pick out special clothes just for this. Alli is wearing her rainbow shirt and she's found a marshmallow that is a match!

Alli pulled out all the different marshmallows she could find.

Our bowl didn't have too many rainbows or horseshoes, so they're missing here. The kids ate them all!

Frosted Lucky Charms. They're magically delicious!

Alli was constantly giving Lucky, aka Sir Charms or L.C. Leprechaun, tastes of the cereal.

So my big question was going to be, will these taste like Lucky Charms cereal marshmallows, or will they taste like regular Jet-Puffed marshmallows? I had a pretty good idea which one it would be.
And I was right. There's no special flavors to these marshmallows. It's a normal marshmallow flavor. The freeze-dried cereal marshmallows are my favorite between the two.
But the kids enjoyed both the cereal marshmallows and the new Lucky Charms Marshmallows. No matter the form, they're still Magically Delicious!


  1. Those Kraft marshmallows are colorful and fun-shaped, despite just tasting like regular marshmallows. Growing up I remembered "picking through the Lucky Charms cereal (in the box) for the marshmallows" (naughty girl!) which meant fewer marshmallows for any future bowls of cereal!...something about those freeze-dried marshmallows was always yummy to me :-) Both Ian (with his green t-shirt) and Alli (with her rainbow blouse) made the leprechaun proud. Also, in that first photo of Ian & Alli, the leprechaun (cute little thing) is positioned at just the "right spot" to appear as if it's at the end of Alli's rainbow on her shirt! appropriate I thought. EOM

    1. I might have done the same thing too... I've seen boxes with just the freeze dried marshmallows, but I think something about the cereal dust to go along with it adds a little something.