Saturday, August 22, 2020

Ian loses his 3rd tooth - National Tooth Fairy Day - August 22nd

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day!
Ian has been working on a loose tooth for the past couple weeks now. A few days ago I told him that this weekend was National Tooth Fairy Day and he was excited. His goal was to wiggle it just enough so that he could pull it out then.

I can't believe it's been 11 months since he lost his second tooth. We were in Colorado when he lost that one. He lost his first one in Michigan a few months before that. 
On August 21st, before bed, he was really focused on getting it out. Why? He wanted to be one of the first kids the tooth fairy comes to visit on her day.

Alli is giving it a wiggle. No loose teeth for her yet.

Oh yeah, that's super loose.

When we were in Michigan, I pulled his first tooth. Same with Colorado, after a few tries doing it himself (tying a string and firing a Nerf gun, slamming it in the door), he had me pull it again. Alli gave it a shot to pull it, but that thing is slippery. After getting a paper towel to dry it off, Ian is going to try again. 

There were a couple false starts, luckily Theresa had the camera rolling when it finally did happen. Skip to the 2:15 mark if you want to go right to it.

It's out! Nice job Ian! Way to pull it yourself! You've had a tooth come out in Michigan, Colorado, and now California! What state do you think the next one will come out in?!?
Ian - Probably California because of the virus.
Sigh... Yeah, the virus has disrupted our traveling a bit.

And there's a gap in your smile now.

Doctor Alli is inspecting to see if there's any roots left.

No roots. Just a red spot.

There we go! Just hours before National Tooth Fairy Day. We'll be one of the first kids the Tooth Fairy comes to see on her special day.

So it was appropriate that his book tonight even before he pulled his tooth was about the Tooth Fairy. Thanks Gram!

Getting a look at the new gap in his smile.

It was decided that the Tooth Fairy should have a clean tooth to pick up tonight. After discussing why brushing it over the sink was a bad idea, we moved to the table.

Alli helped.

Ian - We should leave her a note!

Dear tooth fairy
happy anaversiry
have a good Day!
Ian flowers

Great idea Ian. Now it's time to put it under your pillow!

A few clips from that.

Under his pillow for the night.

He's excited! He really wants to stay up late to catch the Tooth Fairy (he knows it's us, but it's fun to pretend).
At midnight, in the pitch black, the tooth fairy visited, swapping out the tooth for a gift.

In the morning he was excited to find what she left him. A tooth note!

Great timing Ian! Happy National Tooth Fairy Day!


  1. Yikes!...pulling out a loose tooth!...never looked forward to those occasions, unlike Ian! Great Tooth Fairy note on both sides! Good thing the generous Tooth Fairy travels to states outside of California :-) EOM

    1. I'm happy he did it himself. He's looking for additional teeth already.