Tuesday, July 14, 2020

A Starburst Gelatin Taste Test - National Eat Your Jello Day - July 12th

It's a gorgeous sunny day here in So Cal, with blue skies and temperatures in the low 80s. I think a cool treat is in order. And lucky for us, today is National Eat Your Jello Day! I've got just the thing to pull out of my taste test bin for today.
While wandering the aisles of Walmart, I found a brand new contender in the gelatin section. Starburst makes gelatin!
And oh, I so want to call it Jell-O, but that wouldn't quite be correct. Jello is a registered trademark of Kraft Heinz. These Starburst gelatins, along with many other dessert products, are owned by the Jel Sert company. They make Royal gelatin, one of the main competitors to Jello.

I was excited to try all four new flavors!

Starburst has four classic flavors. My personal favorite candy flavor, Strawberry.

Lemon is also good.

Cherry of course.

And finally Orange... wait a minute. What kind of trick are you guys trying to pull. There's no orange flavor? Blue Raspberry? Does Starburst even make Blue Raspberry? I wasn't seeing them in the regular store, but then I found something that I could make work!

Starburst Duos is a relatively new product. There's two flavors in each chew, and one of them is half Blue Raspberry!

So let's take this photo again, but with the proper candies.

There we go. And yes, I lined them up to point the blue towards the camera. But you know, I think something is still missing.

How can we do this taste test without Orange? I picked up a box of Orange Jello to make along with everything else. See, now we really do have Jello for our "Eat Your Jello" day.

There we go! Five flavors to test today.

Ian and Alli are ready to help out in the kitchen. They're excited to be making something new.

We're going to need 5 separate bowls.

First goes the gelatin powder. Alli was in charge of the pink and red ones.

Ian took the yellow (gold) and blue ones. Orange was mine.

That's a pretty picture.

To the bowls, I added about 1 1/2 cups of boiling water. The kids made sure to stir everything up and dissolve all the gelatin. After that, I added a little more cold water to top it off.

Now that everything is mixed, it needs to chill out in the fridge for 4 hours!

We've got at least four hours to find other things to do and it is a beautiful day. I turned the sprinklers on in the front yard and the kids had a great time running through them. Theresa found a way to make a homemade slip-n-slide with some things we had around the house. The kids loved it!

Theresa made them a tasty lunch including fruit skewers, broccoli, and ham and cheese rolls.

After dinner, it was time for dessert!

Five flavors and five square cubes of jello. I split two of the Duos blue raspberry sides and joined them, to give us the full blue raspberry experience.

The kids asking all day how long it would be until we could try our jello. They were glad when it was finally time to dig in!

I put each flavor on a plate and everyone who was participating grabbed a spoon. First is the Orange.

Eh, Orange is not a favorite. I guess the Jel Sert company did a good job excluding it from the line-up.

Pink Strawberry. Arguably the best candy flavor our there. The Pink Strawberry Jello didn't quite have the right flavor, what about this one? Sadly, no. It's delicious as a candy, but it must be really hard to get right in other things.

No Theresa participation in this one today. Jello is on her list of foods that she does not care for. Doesn't like the look, watching it move, the texture, or the flavor.

How's the lemon? Just a regular lemon gelatin. Nothing fancy.

Cherry on the other hand tastes a lot like the Starburst Cherry. I was worried it would taste like medicine, but they did a good job with this one.

And now the wildcard. Blue raspberry. Yep, that's blue raspberry.

Seeing the bag of Starburst Duos on the table, Ian wanted us to start combining flavors and making Duos ourselves. All in good time buddy. We'll save that for another taste test.

Trying the candies, there's no changes to our favorites. Pink Strawberry is the best.

And as for the gelatin flavors, what are the favorites?
Alli - Pink Strawberry. Whether it was for the color or the flavor, I can't say I'm surprised.
Ian - Blue Raspberry! With cherry next and then strawberry.
Joe - Cherry. In a surprise to myself, since it's my last pick for candy flavors, I actually enjoyed cherry the most for the jello flavors.
Richard - Cherry too.

Well that was a fun taste test today. I'll leave you with a little bit of the Starburst Jello jiggling.


  1. "Wiggly" foods probably remind Theresa of wonder she gave us that "yech" expression :-) The blue raspberry looks the prettiest to me...for some reason the strawberry color looked more orange than pink to me, otherwise the pink gelatin would have looked very dainty and pretty, too. "Starburst Jello jiggling" (hahaha) :-) That was a nice photo arrangement of the stacked bowls next to the stacked packages prior to placing in the fridge...sort of looked like a "commercial ad" poster for all the flavors. That was a great homemade slip-n-slide for the kids...another way for them to enjoy a warm day. Btw, that tasty & nutritious lunch for Alli & Ian looked so fun to eat! EOM

    1. I was hoping the pink strawberry would be a lot more pink too. It was even a concentrated recipe with less water to ensure lots of jiggling, so you'd think the color would have been even more concentrated.
      I'm happy that the kids love the nutritious food just as much as the treats they eat. They certainly have specific dislikes, but in general, fruits and vegetables are loved.