Saturday, July 18, 2020

Saturday Morning Cereals - Comparing all 3 Hostess Cereals

About a year ago, we were all excited to try two new Post Hostess cereals, donettes and Honey Bun. Now, over a year later, there's a third Hostess cereal to add to that mix, Twinkies! We tried the Twinkies, but it's time to try all of them together!

Even though we didn't particularly care for the other two flavors when we tried them the first time around, I still picked up a couple boxes, hoping maybe they've improved within the last year.

All three cereals together.

Alli is excited! Let's try them all!

First up is the donettes cereal. And just like last year... Yuck. I don't see how this made it a year.

Two thumbs down for the donettes cereal.

And now, the Twinkies cereal. Two thumbs up for this one.

Lastly it's the Honey Bun cereal. Alli and I thought they were tasty, though Ian wasn't a fan. I did like it better than I remembered from last year.

Time to choose our favorites! Twinkies won the day with 2 votes to 1.

One bowl with all three cereals. The cereal is all super sweet, so having it with milk is probably a good thing because it knocks down a little bit of the sweetness.
Well none of these are going to be my favorite, but it was still interesting to give them another try a year later.


  1. Oh well, at least everyone gave them a second try; but at least the Twinkies cereal is still a thumbs up from both kids. I have to admit the Donettes cereal looks the closest to what it's suppose to represent. EOM

    1. Agreed, the donettes looks really similar. Too bad they don't taste very good. I wonder what weird cereal they'll release next!