Monday, July 27, 2020

Pizza At Home - Stouffer's French Bread Pizza

Pizza Day! We love it!
This Make At Home series is a chance for me to make whatever I like, and today I want to make something I haven't had in years. Stouffer's French Bread pizzas were a quick meal when things got busy. Tasty and satisfying, plus there's a flavor they don't make anymore that I really miss!

If I'm making this at home, I'm going to be making the French Bread base it goes on. I've used this French Bread recipe quite a bit.

After letting it rise it was time to roll it out.

I made a couple loaves, making sure to squish them flatter than I normally would.

After proofing for 30 minutes, they've expanded a bit.

The Stouffer's French Bread Pizzas I've gotten have never had a slit going down them, but the bread needs to be able to rise, right? I decided to cut it along middle.

I also gave an egg wash to one. It gave it a little crispier crust after baking.

The next day before dinner I split them in half.

I then buttered the halves of bread in an effort to keep the tomato sauce from soaking in too much. I sauced them up with my Red November pizza sauce I've kept in the fridge.
The pizza that I've been wanting, for years now, is Stouffer's 5 Cheese White Pizza. It's been years (by my quick research about 2011) since they discontinued it. It was the perfect compliment to the regular pizza. For that one, I used Theresa's alfredo sauce to coat the bread.

For toppings, the standard topping is pepperoni, always cut into quarters.
My preferred topping variety was sausage and pepperoni, so I made a small batch of sausage on the stove.
For the 5 cheese pizza, I used a mixture of Mozzarella, Provolone, Parmesan, Romano, and Asiago. They went into the oven looking like this.

And came out looking like this. I had them in for 8 minutes at 400F and then hit them with the broiler until the cheese started to toast up.

Let's eat up!

For reference, here's what we're attempting to recreate.

And here's what we've got. That's a pretty good recreation I think! Especially the 5 cheese.

And pretty much any time I go to take a picture of just the thing I made, the kids try to angle into the photo. This time was no different.

My plate matches what I would have had all those years ago. Each Stouffer's box comes with 2 pizzas. I would get one 5 Cheese and one Sausage & Pepperoni and have a little variety.

The 5 cheese was really good! Not a perfect recreation, but the cheese and the creamy sauce was delicious.

And I always topped it with a few dashes of Tabasco.
My version of French Bread Pizza was a bit fluffier than what I'm used to. The Stouffer's version is a bit more dense from what I remember. Still, mine if really delicious.

I cut pieces for each of the kids of each flavor. Alli prefers the 5 cheese pizza, probably because it's most like a breadstick.

Ian liked both of them, but gave the edge to the Pepperoni version. Either way, tonight was a fun flashback pizza night.


  1. Sunday Pizza Day...hooray! The homemade ones look like the store-bought ones, but taste better and fresher :-) That tabasco sauce added a nice little "spice" to it...looks good! Just think, you get to avoid all those extra additives with the store-bought versions with all your homemade versions...the family gets healthier and fresher fare, win-win meals for the family :-) EOM

    1. I loved how similar to the real thing these were! It was a tasty addition to our Pizza at Home series!

  2. Where can I purchase the 5 cheese french bread pizza? I can't find it anymore!

    1. I don't believe they make it anymore! I think it was discontinued around 2011. I still look for it when we're in the frozen pizza section. It was one of my favorites.