Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Trolls World Tour Oreos

Tonight we're celebrating Trolls! We watched the first one back on April 19th during a sleep-over in anticipation of Trolls World Tour.
Because of COVID, Trolls World Tour had a limited theater release, but was released online the same day. Only problem was, it cost $20 for a 48 hour rental. We're used to spending $20, but to buy it, not rent it. We decided to wait until the price went down. Finally it did!
And we've got special Trolls themed Oreos to have along with them!

The packages are bright and colorful, just like most Trolls! Princess Poppy is on the bag of Oreos with Pink Creme and glitter. On the green package I was thinking it might be Branch, but it's Baby Diamond on the Chocolate Oreos with Green Creme, glitter, and popping candy!

I asked the kids if they could make us something special for our Trolls night. Alli got right to work making her and Mommy Pink and Purple Troll hair.

Ian made himself Blue Troll hair and picked my favorite color Teal for my Troll hair.

The back of the package has different characters from the movie.

Each package promised 3 Fun Designs. On the golden Oreos we see headphones, "Music is Life", and a Princess Poppy's lute.
On the chocolate Oreos, there's a cassette tape (not sure why that one was chosen), "Music is Life", and a vinyl record.

You can see the glitter inside the creme. Ooh, this cookie has a crack. Can you hold onto it for me Alli?

Alli! I meant to just hold it! Not eat it!

It's time to eat them!

But first, Hug Time! Trolls love taking breaks for hugs! Good reminder Ian!

Okay, now let's eat them. The Princess Poppy ones with Pink creme were tasty because they tasted like regular golden Oreos.

The green ones have popping candy. Wait a second, This Trolls World Tour movie is all about the different genres of music, and Poppy is Queen of the Pop Trolls. Pop Trolls = Popping Candy.
Ian liked the green ones best because of the Popping Candy. Alli liked the pink ones because of the color.

One of the other special things on the back of this package is a QR Code that syncs up with Instagram to add a special filter to your camera.

Once you point it at a package of Oreo cookies, Princess Poppy rises up out of the package and sings a song from the movie.

The kids got a kick out of it and started experimenting with what they could and couldn't do with the app.

Here's a look at it in action. It's a fun addition.

And then after the cookies, it's time to watch the movie!
We all sat together on the couch, eating a few more Oreo cookies and enjoying the Trolls and their new adventure.


  1. That was an unexpected "concert" with the fun! Surprised at so many cookie designs and the addition of the popping candy...the packaging sported such pretty neon-looking colors. That hot pink creme perfectly matches Alli's sweatshirt (no coincidence there :-) ); and Ian pulled out a blue outfit to coordinate well with his blue hat...way to go (that's the spirit!) Fun movie night with the perfect snack! EOM

    1. This one had it all! A chance for the kids to do something creative, a tasty cookie, songs, and a fun movie we could watch as a family!