Sunday, July 26, 2020

Rainbow Jello

We've got a special treat today that was pretty much just a random experiment I decided to try. The kids and I enjoyed having all that Starburst Jello, but after getting our fill, the rest of it was just sitting in the fridge. I think I can do something about that.

For most of my other experiments, I'll at least look up someone ahead of time online. For this one though, I just went for it without any prior knowledge. We'll see how this turns out.
From the Starburst Jello I have 5 colors. Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Blue. If I'm going to make a rainbow I'm going to need a couple more colors. The kids helped me out to figure out what I needed to mix to make Green and Purple. Thanks guys.
I was pretty sure that if I microwaved the gelatin it would turn back into a liquid and I could remold it however I wanted. Sure enough it turned right back into a liquid and I poured it into these glasses. Some colors I have more than others, but that's okay, the rainbow isn't exactly even in its color dispersal either.

But while I'm at it, I better make a guide to make sure I don't run out of room. I probably should have looked at instructions for the next part, but I just did whatever I thought. I poured pink in up to the first line, prepared a flat spot in the freezer and set a timer for 25 minutes. It was pretty much doing that back and forth every 25 minutes as I went about my day. The freezer helped set the jello a bit quicker than if I'd have left it in the fridge. Once it was all done, I moved the bowl to the fridge for the night.

The next day I'm seeing some good color layers. This might just work. I had spread a thin layer of oil on the inside of the bowl before I started pouring yesterday. I also got some super hot water and dunked this into it for 5 seconds before flipping it over onto a plate.

And... that's not what I was expecting. I kept trying to figure out ways to get enough light through it to show off all the layers. Even taking it outside and holding it up to the sun. Well, this was just an experiment after-all, but I was a little disappointed in the results. Regardless, I decided to cut a pie-slice out of it for the kids.

Whoa! Hey, wait a minute! That's actually looking pretty awesome! I think I just need some thinner slices!

Yes! That's perfect! I can see all my layers!

I cut a few different shapes and took it all over to my lightbox for some pictures. Now I'm proud of how this rainbow Jello turned out.

The kids were excited to try it out too. Ian said "We're tasting the rainbow!"
I think that's the slogan for Skittles Ian, but you're absolutely right.

Ian loved it.

And Alli loves rainbows too. She thought it looked amazing.

And tasted even better.

A successful experiment!

And I'll leave you similar to how we ended the Starburst Jello post. With a video of Jello jiggling!


  1. The rainbow colors really did shine through beautifully with the thinner pieces...success! Sounds like the mingled flavors tasted just as good as it looked. Great experiment to show what you can do with "leftovers" :-) The jiggling jelly reminded me (if I'm remembering correctly, that is) of one scene from the "Carousel of Progress" when it was at Disneyland (not sure if it's still in the MK version since I haven't been there): Thinking of the lady saying "she's shaking like a bowl of jelly" as she tries to talk while hooked up to that exercise reducer machine that "shakes" you. EOM

    1. Ha, I remember that scene! We've only seen the Magic Kingdom version of the Carousel of Progress, and yep, it's in there.
      Truth be told, I actually had two bowls of rainbow Jello I made, and the first one looked great in the bowl, but all the layers separated when I pulled it out! We took pictures with it and everything. The second one turned out so much better by sticking together! I'm happy things worked out!