Thursday, July 2, 2020

Dark Chocolate Oreo Thins

It's been nearly 2 months since we've had a new Oreo flavor to try. I don't know why, but that seems like a long time to me. Today we've got the New Dark Chocolate Oreo Thins.
You might remember about a year ago we tried Dark Chocolate Oreos. Now those regular sized Oreos have become Thins!

And I know that last time the cookies tasted very dark, so we've got an appropriate 85% dark chocolate to sample it with. The USDA actually recognizes Dark Chocolate as 70-85% so we're getting to the high end of the bitterness spectrum.

And just like last time, that filling is dark dark dark. Just as dark, if not darker, than the cookie. 

Apparently Oreo uses real cocoa in their chocolate cookies. Compared to all that fake chocolate you see everywhere <sarcasm>.

Always have to have my helpers whenever I'm taking a picture with the lightbox.

With the cookies and chocolate spread out, it's time to taste them.

And it looks like we've got visitors too.

I'm still surprised at how thin these Oreo Thins cookies can be. They must take seconds to actually bake. I separated the filling from the cookie. The cookies taste like regular Oreo Thins, so no additional flavoring in that. The filling also has a chocolate taste, though it's still sweet. I'm not getting a strong bitter chocolate flavor from it, but it's still good.
Tasting the 85% dark chocolate, these are way more bitter than the cookies.

What's everyone's vote on the Dark Chocolate Oreos? Every likes them!
Grammy said if she had known these were in the snack cabinet, they would be gone. That's why I keep things out of the pantry until we get a chance to do these taste tests!


  1. hahahahaha...keep it out of the pantry until after the taste test!!...can't have temptation "within reach" :-) The cookie portion, alone, almost sounds like a "cookie crisp" due to its thinness (hey, maybe they can sell "Oreo cookie crisps" as a new snack!). Dark chocolate Oreos sound good to me, too...glad it doesn't have a "bitter" dark chocolate flavor since dark chocolate (for that reason) isn't a favorite for me. Always need good helpers to add a little excitement & fun to the camera shoot! EOM

    1. Those little thin cookies would probably be pretty good as cereal, better than the Oreo Os cereal. I wonder if we could recreate Oreos at home...