Saturday, July 11, 2020

Saturday Morning Cereals - Twinkies Cereal

This morning we're trying a brand new cereal! A little over a year ago we all tried the first of this new line of cereals with Honey Buns and Donettes cereal. Now there's a third cereal we can add to the line-up, Twinkies cereal!

And just like last time, we'll be trying them along with the real thing.

The back of the box. "The snack cake golden child is now a cereal!"

They certainly got the shape right.

Oh, but what's this? The classic thing Twinkies are known for, the cream filling is missing?
I bit one in half and it's just a crunchy corn puff the entire way through. The outside is coated with sugar and something else trying to imitate that creamy flavor, but I would have liked a true cream filling better.

Kids, how do you like the cereal?
Two thumbs up from both of them. Looking at what goes into the cereal, the first two ingredients are sugar so... guess I'm not particularly surprised.

How about the Twinkies Sponge Cakes?
The kids surprised Theresa and I both saying that they did not like the real Twinkies at all. I think they're spoiled by Theresa's Bundt cakes.


  1. No cream in the Twinkies cereal???...thumbs's like Twinkies without the cream! It is surprising that the kids preferred the cereal over the actual Twinkies...but if they were subconsciously comparing them to the fresh bundt cakes by Theresa, I can see why the Twinkies didn't have a chance! I remember those Twinkies growing up; but when the chocolate Suzie Q and ding dongs came out, they became my new favorites (can't help it if chocolate is involved :-) ) EOM

    1. Right? No cream!
      I'm wondering if Hostess is going to keep this cereal idea going. It's been over a year since the original ones came out and they're still available. Maybe they will have a chocolate version coming out. I'll be keeping an eye out.