Thursday, July 9, 2020

Theresa makes chocolate bread

This one has been in Theresa's queue to make for a little while now. I think when we first started doing all this baking at home, she was trying to find a way to make 85C at home. That one is still coming, but in her search, she found this recipe for chocolate bread. It looks tasty, so we'll have to try to make one ourselves.

I said it looked tasty and that's actually where the recipe comes from. and their Chocolate Braided Swirl Bread (Babka). The dough we made a couple hours earlier has doubled in size.

And now Theresa is starting on the chocolate filling. It's made with Semi-sweet chocolate, butter, sugar, brown sugar, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and espresso powder.

All that goes into the microwave for a couple minutes.

And what comes out is a thick chocolate sauce.

Theresa divided the dough into two pieces. She rolled out each half and spread half the chocolate sauce across the inside.

Very nice.

Next she rolled everything up in a log. This is reminding me of cinnamon rolls now.

Hey kids! Come lick the spatulas! Both loved the rich chocolate filling.

Next was an interesting step. The logs that we've made are bisected. A large pizza cutter worked great for splitting this down the middle.

Ah, that's what it looks like inside. Lots of chocolatey layers.

Now it's time to get all fancy. It was nice of to provide a video of how this braid goes together. One thing we noticed though is that we seem to have a lot more filling than what they had in the video, despite us measuring everything out by weight.

Ooh, that looks pretty Theresa.

Forty minutes in the oven and it came out looking like this. Wow, it grew a lot in the oven.

Smile kids!

And if the pizza cutter was good for cutting it before, it's still good for cutting pieces now. Look at all those swirls of chocolate.

After getting a slice, yes, it reminds me a lot of cinnamon rolls. And while the outside layer of chocolate was crunchy...

The inside was ooey and gooey. And boy was it rich. Maybe it was the big dinner I had earlier, but I don't know how much of this I'm going to be able to eat.

Richard and Chi thought it was tasty too. And the braiding of the bread and how it turned out impressed Richard so much that he pulled out his phone and took a picture. That never happens.

The kids caught a case of the giggles as they were eating their pieces. They did enjoy them though.

Excellent job Theresa! Keep finding tasty things to make and we'll sample them with you!


  1. First reaction when I saw the lead picture of the finished product was...Oh my goodness, what a piece of art!!!...seriously! The braid effect with the chocolate swirling was very interesting to the eye (Richard seem to have similar thoughts, too) The bread sounds rich and chocolaty...especially like that gooey inside and the moistness of the bread part...yuuuuuuuuuuummy! Guess the richness of the chocolate bread limits the size of each serving...which means more future chances to enjoy another taste :-) Great job, Theresa! P.S. Guess there was no "whispering" on the availability of the chocolate spatulas :-) EOM

    1. Yeah, no whispering this time. The kids appreciated it.
      Super rich to be sure. Next time maybe half of that filling. But tasty regardless.