Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A French Fry taste test - National French Fry Day - July 13th

Today is National French Fry Day! I'm pretty sure we can do something with that. Let's have a taste test!

With all the different meals we've been making ourselves at home, one of the things we haven't done is homemade french fries. We're not going to venture there just yet, but we have started to accumulate a few opened bags of french fries with just a small serving left. Here's the perfect chance to clean out the freezer.
We're going to be tasting regular shoestring fries, waffle fries, seasoned fries, seasoned curly fries, and sweet potato fries. Five different flavors of french fry!

And to make this fair, they're all being cooked how fries are meant to be cooked. In a deep fryer.

Because I knew it was going to take a little while to get through all 5 cooking cycles, I preheated the oven to 200F and as I finished a batch, it went onto a sheet pan with a wire rack on top for drainage. And it worked! The first fries I made were still hot and crispy when it was time to taste them.

As for dipping sauces, we've got to have ketchup. Mayo is also tasty for some, especially in Holland. I've also been a fan of mixing ketchup and mayo together. I didn't know if it had a name, so I looked it up. Apparently according to wikipedia, it's called Fry Sauce! Ha! That's appropriate then! And I also see that Heinz has released a premixed version to stores that they call Mayochup.

Alright kids, the fries are hot! Let's dig in!

We're having them with dinner, so burgers are appropriate. And there's also carrots, watermelon, and pineapple. Potatoes count as a vegetable, right?

Along with trying all the fries, the kids are sampling the sauces too.

I think Sweet Potato fries are best with honey.

And Theresa's sauce of choice is Tabasco Ketchup. That's actually sold pre-mixed by Heinz too, being called Heinz Hot & Spicy with Tabasco. But it's just as each to make it at home, as we always have a large bottle of Tabasco around. Oh, and that salad T's having. The lettuce is homegrown and harvested just a few minutes before dinner!

Well... we did a number on those fries. How about the favorites.
Alli - Waffle fries in Ketchup.
Ian - Waffle fries in Fry Sauce.
Theresa - Spiral fries in Tabasco Ketchup.
Joe - Seasoned fries in Fry Sauce.
Everyone likes something a little different, and that's just fine. Potatoes are tasty just about any way you make them, but deep fried french fries has to be one of the best!


  1. Nice variety of fries...great and yummy way to help clear out the freezer, too :-) That oven trick did an amazing job to keep the fries all hot and crispy...nothing worse than cold, soggy fries :-( Homegrown lettuce?...that's a really fresh salad!...what other vegetables and/or fruits are you all growing? wonderful to have your own farm-to-table cuisine! Yay for tabasco ketchup (I like tabasco's unique flavor!) (haha) Fry sauce...guess one can't get any more descriptive for a name to describe its main purpose :-) EOM

    1. There's quite a few items in the garden, though we're still waiting to see what's going to produce anything. Tomatoes, zucchini, squash, lettuce, hot peppers, mint, basil, sunflowers, and carrots are what I remember being told about.
      Again, it's something to do while we're all staying at home. It's nice to see the progress on the plants and ultimately get something out of it.