Saturday, April 6, 2019

Tour of Europe - Holland 2007/08/07

After our time in England, our tour brought us across the English Channel and into Holland.
One of our first stops was a jewelry shop. They showed us lots of different diamonds and jewels. More than we'd ever spend on a whim, but it was interesting to see. 

Then it was time to check out how cheese and clogs are made.

A worker gave us a demonstration of how a block of wood is turned into a pair of shoes.

And of course he was wearing wooden shoes himself. 

A giant pair of clogs.

Dipping cheese in wax I think.

So many different cheeses.

Outside was a giant clog to pose in.

Back on the bus to visit the next location. Of the 16 days we had on this tour, a lot of it was spent on the bus. Waking up early in the morning to get moving to the next stop.

Off to a real working windmill.

Thatched sides. 

Do you want to climb to the top? Yes!

After that, it was back to the bus to make our way to a port. Here we tried a few different treats. Like fries with mayonnaise of course.

Theresa got a waffle.

Our tour operator was talking up these poffertjes on the bus, so we had to try it.

They're made fresh, right in front of your. They're like a pancake

Our last event had us on a ferry.

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  1. Must have been really interesting watching the clogs being made from a block of wood. Seeing a plain block of wood turned into something beautiful (especially if decorated w/ personal touches) is an amazing creation. Did the artisan/worker say how long to make one pair ("standard-size", that is!)? A cheese lover must have been in "cheese heaven" to be surrounded by all those different cheeses. A relaxing ferry ride to view more of the enchanting! Brings to mind the Storybook Land attraction and its "Yesterland" windmills. EOM