Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tour of Europe - Germany and Austria

Our tour continued into Germany and Austria.
Part of the fun was getting to know other young couples from all around the world. Hearing how some couples were on "holiday" for 4 weeks was eye opening. We were certainly jealous.

I liked the amount of freedom our tour gave us. A lot of the meals were covered, but we were also able to go explore too.

I don't remember what this was about...

After driving for a while, we found ourselves in Munich.

While some went to the pub...

Others went to the Residenz Museum.

From what I remember, I had the veal.


  1. Beautiful statue/bust hall in the Residenz Museum...very, very detailed and ornate (also, being able to get a photo w/o any one in it gave the hall a "more reverent" feeling, as if saying to the visitor "you're about to see something special and historical with each step you take"). Quite some jewels and crown, too. A fun part of any overseas trip is meeting new people and enjoying the wonderment of the land/places/food together! Glad you got lots of free time to explore and "just go wherever your fancy took you", to complement the structured outings. EOM

    1. Agreed. It was nice to have some free time on the tour to explore at our own pace the things we wanted to see.