Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tour of Europe - Siena, Florence, and Pisa

Over the next few days, we continued our travels through Italy.
In Siena, we saw the square where the Palio horse races are held.

And explored the Siena Cathedral.

Of course you've got to sample the local gelato.

Dinner was a fancy dress-up affair with the rest of the group.

With music and singing.

Florence was amazing. There was so much to see here, Theresa and I knew we were going to have to come back. This statue of David is a reproduction. The original stood here from 1504-1873, but was moved into the Galleria dell'Accademia to protect it. Since no photos were allowed inside the Accademia on this trip, this is the best shot of David I had.

Florence was much more our pace. Not as crazy as Venice or Rome.

The still water and reflections here were crazy.

Our quick tour took us to the Ufizzi Gallery.

Which houses "The Birth of Venus".

Next we'd go to Pisa.

The traditional "prop it up" photo.

With the regular building in the background, you get a real sense of how much it's leaning.


  1. The cathedral is so ornate...gorgeous stain glass windows...hard to imagine all the artistry, patience, and time required to create the cathedral, both inside and outside. That was a special "bridge over still water" photo...just the right place and time. Thanks for the links that further describe some of the things you saw...I found them helpful and educational. Sounds like you and Theresa really connected with Florence! EOM

    1. Florence was great! I could definitely go back and spend a week there.
      Gelato on every corner. Beautiful artwork and statues. Tasty food. What's not to like?