Monday, August 13, 2007

Tour of Europe - Rome

When in Rome.
After some driving, we arrived just in time for dinner as a group.

And we got a little local music.

Then we had a guided tour of Rome.

First the Spanish Steps.

And the Trevi Fountain.

Something about if you throw a coin in, you'll be guaranteed to return to Rome.

As with any major tourist site, there's plenty of people trying to push things into your hand for money. Someone will shove a flower or toy into your hand, let you hold it for a minute, then ask for a few euro for it. T wasn't having any of it. People held things out to her and she refused and they were backing away.
Well there was another older couple at the fountain who were not so lucky. We offered to take their photo, and then got to talking with them. They'd had their passports stolen, wallet lifted, and flowers shoved into their hands. Whew, what an exciting vacation for them, eh? Well for taking their photo, and for the little bit of conversation, they gave T one of their flowers.

The Pantheon.

Nearby, at a local gelato shop, Theresa found the strawberry gelato that every other gelato ever since has been compared to. We even made an effort 6 years later to find the same shop.

Heading back to the hotel, we passed by Vatican City. We'll be back tomorrow.

Off to the Vatican!

We had a great tour guide.

The tour included a view of the Sistine Chapel as well, though photos were expressly forbidden, and guards were there to take people's cameras away if they were caught.

Over to Saint Peter's Basilica.

The Pieta. The only statue carved by Michelangelo that he signed.

The inside of St. Peter's Basilica is immense and amazing.

A statue of St. Peter. Where the pilgrims visiting the cathedral have worn down the toes of his right foot from the constant kissing and touching.

St. Peter's Square

The Swiss Guard

Time for lunch! Then over to the Colosseum.

Theresa got to hold the "follow me" stick.

Pretty cool to see up close.

Dinner was pizza with friends.


  1. Lovely and beautiful all those historical much to see and take in. Really liked the night picture of the Vatican...a whole different feel at night with the lights. Guess the coin-tossing magic worked since you two made it back to Rome in 6 years (that was quite a visit in 2013...but too bad/sad on the strawberry gelato on that 2nd visit) EOM

    1. Such a rich history over there.
      And we threw a coin in again, so I guess we'll end up getting back there again some day.