Tuesday, November 3, 2020

2020 Mickey's not so scary Halloween Hunt

Happy Halloween! Yes we're still stuck at home due to Covid, but we're still trying to figure out ways to have fun. We're missing Disneyland of course, but we can still figure out ways to incorporate it into our celebrations. For Easter, Disney has a big Easter Eggstravaganza where you're searching for eggs through the park. For Covid Easter, I brought the Disney Eggstravaganza home!

But what about Halloween? Pumpkin Duffy has got something lined up for us! It's the 2020 Mickey's not so scary Halloween Hunt!

Using a few things from here and there, I put together my own map with bits and pieces from all over. One graphic said Mickey's not so scary Halloween Party, but I changed it to Halloween Hunt. 

And what are we searching for? Disney character pumpkins! I found these on With a little tweaking, they would work just fine for our purposes. 

Ian and Alli came in and were surprised to see Duffy waiting for them. 

They were excited to go do a scavenger hunt around the house for pumpkins. 

Ian suggested they start upstairs. 

But along the way, they ran into Pumpkin Goofy. 

Alli is verifying it before she commits. 

I couldn't find the printable stickers, so we're taping the pumpkins to our answer sheet. 

How about our room? I think Alli found something. 

There's Winnie the Pooh behind the door. 

And in their room, it's no surprise to find Duffy. 

Dale is in the kitchen. 

Chip is hiding underneath Alli's school desk. 

Donald was hiding in the living room. 

And Stitch was outside on the trampoline. 

Making good progress guys. 

ShellieMay was hiding in the front yard. 

Mickey is hiding in front of the garage and Minnie is hiding inside the garage. 

Great work guys! You did it!

Like Disneyland, once you complete your quest, you get a prize. For their prize, they're getting giant sugar sticks, just like they'd get at Disneyland. It is one of their favorite treats. 
Mickey's not so scary Halloween Hunt was fun! 

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  1. OH MY...WOW...Love that creative map for the Halloween Hunt! Such a perfect centerpiece photo of the family in front of the smiling Mickey pumpkin, and then the wonderful side graphics adorning the top & bottom to complete the map...just WOW...great job! With the kids wearing their Mickey pumpkin costumes it was the perfect way to do the Halloween hunt for the hidden pumpkins. So much fun for the kids to get some Disney Halloween magic without being at Disneyland; and the big kids probably had as much fun creating the hunt and hiding the pumpkins, too :-) Alli knows the motto, "Trust but verify." :-) Fun time! EOM