Sunday, November 22, 2020

Alli's Dots taste test

Alli has been keeping her eye out for things that she could do for a taste test. 

Alli - Daddy! I found a taste test! We can try all the Dots flavors!

You got it Alli! 

She opened enough boxes to have at least one of each of the colors. Red (cherry), Green (lime), Orange (orange), Yellow (lemon), and Pink (strawberry). 
She's seen me do it enough times that she was all ready to do everything herself. Grab a white piece of paper for the Dots. 

She's been saving them since Halloween. 

Then borrowed my phone to take pictures all by herself. 

Next, it's time to try all the flavors. 

Mommy's favorite is the strawberry. 

Ian likes the lime green ones best. 

While Alli like orange best. I don't particularly care for Dots, so Alli just told me to hold up a finger and point to the ground. That works. 
Good idea for the taste test Alli! And great job running it!

1 comment:

  1. Way to go Alli...took charge of the taste test from start to finish!, colorful idea for a taste test (good suggestion for Daddy to point to the ground since he wasn't a Dots fan :-) ). Even though I've never tried Dots candy, the lime or strawberry flavors sound like good choices to me. EOM