Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Holiday Hershey Kisses - Mint Truffle and Cherry Cordial

Time for a lot more holiday taste tests. This time we've got Holiday Hershey's Kisses. Last year we tried Hot Cocoa kisses and Candy Cane Kisses. This year we're trying Dark Chocolate with Mint Truffle and Milk Chocolate with Cherry Cordial.

The package on these are very festive. Who knew that Hershey's kisses could have snowball fights?
The kisses are covered in a snowflake foil too.

I'm not sure I get the packaging for these. Are they just holding cherries shaped like kisses?

And here's what the kisses look like. Filled kisses always have a little bit different shape than the regular Hershey's kisses.

Cutting them open, there were two surprises.
First was the Mint Truffle. Based on all the white on the packaging, I was expecting white mint filling for some reason.
Then the Cherry Cordial, I was happy to see it wasn't a stiff filling like the mint, but really a goopy liquid cordial, just like the real candy. It's only missing the cherry.

My favorite, along with Alli, Grammy, and Richard, were the Cherry Cordials. I feel like I hardly ever get them during the year and these were a great substitute. Having the liquid inside made it super tasty.

Ian and Theresa however preferred the Mint Truffle. I was expecting a subtle mint, like an Andes mint. But no, this mint was quite punchy! Like a York Peppermint Patty but maybe even more so.

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  1. Like the pretty mint color package for the mint truffles flavor and the snowflakes on the corresponding individual Hershey Kisses. Perhaps the "hanging cherries" on the cherry cordial package represents "each Hershey Kiss being topped with a cherry" since those cherries are at the "top" (end) of the white tag??? Any ways, the mint one looks good (mint chocolate flavor is a good combination to me), especially since it's not too "gooey" :-) EOM