Tuesday, December 17, 2019

FOUND - All 25 Hidden Mickeys in the Disneyland Grand Californian Gingerbread House

At Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa #grandcalifornianhotel the Grand Gingerbread House has appeared for the holidays. Once again, we have been challenged to find all the hidden Mickeys.
The Flowers family loves finding all these hidden Mickeys and the kids are really good at finding them too. Just like when we found them in the 2018 Grand Californian Gingerbread House, and the 2019 Oogie Boogie Halloween Cake and the 2018 Pump-"cake" Patch.

This house stands 7 feet tall and 12 feet wide. You'll need over 1400 pounds of ingredients to make this cake. According to the sign, the 16 Disney bakers have placed 25 Hidden Mickeys in this cake.
In this post, I'll show you where all 25 can be found (and maybe a few extras).
Spoilers ahead... obviously.

To help me in my quest, I have some great super sleuths. They have been great for finding all sorts of Mickeys, from the teeny tiny to the giant ones. Alright, last chance to go back.

Starting on the very front of the Grand Gingerbread House. Hidden Mickeys are labeled from left to right. Arrows point to a Mickey that you can't see from a straight-on view. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

1. Peppermint Mickey 1 - On the left wall of the structure, this Mickey is hard to miss.

2. Christmas Tree Snow Mickey

3. Christmas Tree Ornament Mickey

4. Snowy Mickey - A few bits of snow have clumped together to form this Mickey
5. Red Christmas Light Mickey - These are pretty small, but having the other Mickey so close made it easier to spot.

6. Snowy Roofline Mickey 1 - Looking from the left, this Mickey is on the lower roof section.

7. Snowdrift Mickey 1 - In front of the Grand, there is a pile of snow that forms a Mickey.

8. Snowy Roofline Mickey 2 - On the 2nd level just above the center, you can find this Mickey.

9. Peppermint bark Mickey - Just below number 8 and above the center.

10. Peppermint Mickey 2 - Between the windows on the right side.

11. Orange Christmas Light Mickey - Another tiny one, but this one is harder to see. On the right side.

Ian spotted this one on the end of Chip's candy cane.

12. Candy Cane End Mickey - Right on the end of Chip's Candy Cane.

For this next one, you need to look from the right side of the structure.

13. Christmas Bauble Mickey - On the centerline of this panel.

Time to move on to the back side of the structure.

There's quite a few here too, but not quite 25. We'll get there. I promise.

14. Mickey Snowflake - Just on the left side.

15. Red Glitter Mickey - Hidden in the glitter of one of the decorations.

16. Snowy Roofline Mickey 3

17. Snowy Roofline Mickey 4

18. Grand Californian Logo Mickey - Now is this one really a Hidden Mickey? It's a Hidden Mickey for the general Grand Californian Logo, but is it meant to be one on this house? Checking with the judges (Ian and Alli). The judges say yes, count it.

19. Snowdrift Mickey 2 - Below the window on the right side.

20. Peppermint Mickey 3 - Finally the border is coming in to play. There's lots of opportunities, but it wasn't until the back that they finally used it.

21. Snowy Mickey - The Royal Icing holding the Gingerbread House together has an extra clump on the right side.

22. Snowy Roofline Mickey 5

This next one is even harder to see than the other side because the border is so close to the support column. My DSLR would have no chance fitting between there, so I pulled out my phone, slid it in there and got a picture.

23. Peppermint Mickey 4

The kids know that no visit is complete without a visit to the 2nd floor. The bakers like to hide the last of the Mickeys up here for the truly dedicated.

Here's a view of the top.

And here's the Mickeys. That makes 28 total. Not the 25 on the sign.

24. Snowy Roof Mickey 1

25. Snowy Roof Mickey 2

26. Snowy Roof Mickey 3

27. Snowy Roof Mickey 4

28. Snowy Roof Mickey 5

Going through my photos again after the fact, I found one more. How could I miss this one?
Beside Chip, there is a snow angel Mickey.

29. Snow Angel Mickey

30. Stained Glass Mickey - Someone on the Disboards informed me that this is a hidden Mickey in the stained glass. I'm not 100% convinced, but I checked with the judges (Ian and Alli again) and they said it is.

Missing Mickey - On a previous visit 11/16/19, this Mickey was on the back side. In the photos above from 12/14/19, it's gone.

So that's all that we could find. What do you think? Any that I've listed that shouldn't count?

And maybe it was just to be nice, but Disney has also placed a few of these on some of the windows. I'm not counting them in my total, but you could probably claim another 6-7 Mickeys here if you need to to get to 25.

 Hope you've enjoyed this close up look at the Grand Gingerbread House!

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  1. Nice job, hidden-Mickey detectives! Some of those Mickeys were really teeny (thinking of #12 & #13) For some reason, I thought #2 blended in the best, and the easiest to initially overlook. Your entire family has good eyesight and a knack for uncovering hidden Mickeys...mission accomplished! The gingerbread aroma must have made some of you hungry during the hunt :-) EOM