Sunday, December 15, 2019

National Cupcake Day - December 15th

As Alli was getting ready in the morning for the day, she calls out from her room.
Alli - Daddy! What National Day is it today?
Me - It's National Cupcake Day Alli.
Then she came out like this.

Even though we just celebrated Vanilla Cupcake day on November 10th, we didn't make that one ourselves. Today Alli wants to make cupcakes herself.

Starting with the funfetti mix.

She combined the mix, eggs, water and oil together in a bowl.

Then she used a small scoop to get them into the muffin pan. We could have used cupcake liners, but all I could find in the cabinet were halloween designs. I think we'll just use some spray to keep them from sticking.

Daddy placed them into the hot oven. I grabbed a potholder to get them out, but Alli quickly stopped me.
Alli - Wait! You need to use the Christmas one!

The box says they make 24 cupcakes, but these are almost bite-sized. We'll make the next ones bigger.

After letting them cool, Alli was ready to frost them.

At first she was concerned.
Alli - I don't want to do the knife. I don't want to cut myself.
I assured her that it was a butter knife and she'd be fine.

Once they were frosted, it was time to add all the funfetti!

Alli you're such a big girl! Great job making everyone cupcakes!

After dinner, the kids were excited to dig in.

Pointing out the ones they wanted (hint: the ones with the most sprinkles).

How'd you do Alli?
Two thumbs way up. Happy Cupcake Day!

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  1. Great job, Alli...cupcakes look "fun" and yummy!...the ones with the most sprinkles have to be the best :-) :-) What a cute Disney kitchen mitt...have to add a little Disney magic to the cupcakes when coming fresh from the oven. Alli, adorable cupcake shirt...I'm sure the cupcake socks are just as cute but couldn't quite see them...maybe next time! EOM