Friday, December 13, 2019

National Cocoa Day - December 13th

It's National Cocoa Day today! The kids love it!

There's plenty of different kinds of hot chocolate you can buy, but I opted for classic Nestle cocoa.

Let's make it! With milk of course.

I've got a couple good helpers in the kitchen.

Stir it good.

Perfect! That'll be delicious! But what is missing? The best thing to top hot cocoa is...

Mini-marshmallows! Or maybe just one giant marshmallow!

Yum! Good work guys!

Caught you Ian.

He's a fan.

Alli, you've got a little marshmallow on your lip.

You got it.

He was a fan of that giant marshmallow. He grabbed a spoon so he could eat it like a scoop of ice cream.

Happy National Cocoa Day!

1 comment:

  1. BIG, BIG laughter when I scrolled and saw that one giant marshmallow in the black mug...certainly tickled a funny bone :-) Marshmallows topping hot cocoa is a good combination...yum, yum! Since Ian liked that semi-melted giant marshmallow, I wonder if he ever tried the Hostess Snowball treat...he'll get to enjoy a double treat, marshmallow and chocolate cake! Hot cocoa on a cool day is great! EOM