Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Hanging out at Christmas

Merry Christmas! Just like Thanksgiving when everyone was out visiting, for Christmas the rest of the family got together!

The kids love hanging out with their cousins. They get to do lots of fun special projects.

The family likes going out for food together. Like to the bakery 85C.

Or the farmer's market.

Finding lots of tasty cucumbers to eat raw with a little bit of Korean Gochujang.

Santa has even come to visit the farmer's market. Alli asked for candy, while Ian wanted a Super Mario game.

All going out to eat Korean food together.

Love you Uncle Ty.

We've got carolers! I love that things like this are still organized on our block.

The kids loved having a sleepover.

Oh boy. Alli loves having her girl cousins come to visit.

Funny story behind this one. Austin left his backpack at home, which had, of all things, his underwear. Ian heard this and ran off. First he returned with a pair of my boxers. Buddy, those are mine. Put them back please.
Then he ran off to his play area. A few minutes later he returned with these.
Ian - I made you some new underwear Austin. They're a little crinkly.
He's always thinking of others. There's even cotton puffballs on them for him.

It took 3 cars, but everyone drove around Sleepy Hollow to look at Christmas Lights.

It's different going around by car versus walking it.

But it's better than nothing.

Loving having cousins to play with.

Puzzling was fun at Thanksgiving. We put together the same space puzzle as before. Only 1000 pieces...

With the whole crew, we caught another showing of Frozen 2.

And Alli really wanted to go bike riding again. I can't say no to that. She's doing awesome!

Since we got through that first puzzle so quickly, Theresa stopped by Target and grabbed a couple new puzzles for us to put together. Nice job guys on this 1000 piece puzzle.

And then the three of us put together this more challenging than expected 750 piece Disney puzzle.

And even though it's chilly, a few of the Michiganders chose to head out to the beach. building sandcastles and playing in the water.

And then warming up in the hot tub.

And I can't let an opportunity pass to get a big family picture. It's not all that often when everyone gets together. Cherish these times.

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  1. LOVELY big family picture and immediate family picture. Looks like a lot of relaxing time together. The puzzles are fun...a lot of nice color in the 2 new ones...really cute to see Mickey & Minnie in their Hawaiian best :-) Wow...carolers, still...brings an extra touch of "old-fashion Christmas days of past" and "home for the holidays" feeling! Alli definitely enjoys the "big girl" makeover :-) All that Disney artwork on the bedroom walls looks great! "Cold" weather to a Michigan person is probably "freezing" to me :-) What fun times together! EOM