Sunday, December 29, 2019

Traveling to see family

After having everyone visiting us for Christmas, you might think that would be the end of Christmas break, but no! It's time for us to do some traveling too! It was a super early flight out, with us parking the car at 5:30am. But that's okay, because we're headed to...

Saint Louis! We've got a couple of stops to make while we're here.

First up, seeing Theresa's grandma and the kids' great grandma.

The kids have gotten really big since we've seen her last.

Every 2-3 minutes the kids would go over and give her a hug, which she really appreciated.

It was good seeing grandma again.

I recorded a few videos too and put them all together here.
Theresa remembered a song that her grandma taught her, which Theresa then taught the kids. It's in our regular bedtime song rotation. I was a half verse late getting the video started, but I'm still glad I caught some of it.
It was a really good time together.

A couple hours drive away is Uncle Ty's family. We like to see them when we come to St. Louis too. The kids have been talking all about seeing the new baby. Wow. I thought Alli was my little girl. She's my BIG little girl.

Not content with just doing (2) 1000 piece puzzles and a 750 puzzle in California, we asked Tyler's mom if she had any puzzles. She pulled out this 300 piece Buzz Lightyear mosaic which went together pretty quickly.

And then she pulled out this challenging 750 piece bird puzzle. It kept us up until 2am.

The birds went together super easily. It was the green background with no discernible pattern and the fence that was a lot of random lines.

Ty's mom is a great cook and breads are her specialty. In our time there, she made us french loaves, dinner rolls, sandwich bread, and even homemade pizza.

Ian was happy to help out with the toppings.

Yum! So many good pizzas for everyone, including a yummy BBQ chicken pizza, and what Theresa said was the best supreme pizza she's ever had.

It's always great to hang out with family!

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  1. Very special for great grandma to see Alli & Ian...all those hugs they gave her were extra doses of love to carry her through the day feeling extra special and loved. I call that the "Shirley Temple lollipop song"...what a fun song, and the movie she first sang it is fun to watch, too. Before I scrolled to the narrative after the bird puzzle was completed, I thought "Yikes, that green background is probably what kept people up til 2 a.m.!"...and then just nodded when I scrolled to read what was written about it :-) The kitchen (house) must have smelled super tempting when the breads were baking...and all those pizzas, mmmmmmmmm...yummy! Another great family photo to capture the St Louis visit. EOM