Sunday, December 1, 2019

A Flowers Family Christmas

This one is from Thanksgiving, but I'm just getting around to posting it now.
For Thanksgiving the entire family came to our house to celebrate. Along with celebrating Thanksgiving since everyone is here, we're going to squeeze in Christmas too. The kids were excited and ready to go.

A little Wonder Woman.

All the adults were lined up having fun watching the kids.

Ian was proud of his homemade gifts he made.

A special flying spoon.

The cover of this book was pretty hilarious when you hold it up.

It's pink! She loves it.

Wow. That is a lot of tape for the maker space.

Emma is a little maker too. She got a bunch of fancy scissors.

Books are always a good present.

Even more tape! Awesome!

You might remember that last year, Gram made everyone a quilt special for each of the kids. This year everyone got a matching pillowcase to go with it!

Those are going to match great!

Theresa and I got custom pillowcases for our bed too. A Mickey and Minnie set. Nice.

After presents it was time to chill. Alli wanted me to read her one of her new books.

Lunchtime was delicious! I made a few racks of tasty ribs, and we had some tasty sides to go along with it.

For our present, T and I were giving everyone cash, but they had to earn it. There was a balloon dart game, where the balloons had dollar bills in them.

Do we have a lefty?

Everyone enjoyed the darts game.

Then people got to pick 3 dice, roll them once, pick which ones they wanted to leave and then roll again. The number showing is the cash you win.

Wow! Jon is perfect! Rolling a triple-6 for a perfect 18!

Next we played BINGO. First place winner gets the bounty! The next places get decreasing amounts.

Then there's the wheel of fortune. You can win big money but there's a chance you might lose some too.

Poor Isaac, having to donate $5 to the Jackpot. I was happy he landed on Jackpot next.

It was a fun Christmas day celebration early!

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  1. Alli's open-mouthed "wow" at the first set of multi-colored tape rolls...priceless! Like the additional colored and patterned tape pretty! Homemade pillow cases to match the beautiful and a perfect compliment to each other. Those Mickey & Minnie pillow cases look really nice (looks like something the Disney home store should offer!). Mmmmmmmm...look at those racks of ribs :-) Some fun & creative ways to make the people "work" for their Christmas gift bounty. Looks like everyone enjoyed an early Christmas celebration! EOM