Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! It's Christmas morning!
And it looks like we've had a visitor overnight! When they woke up, Alli told me that they heard 2 things last night. First they heard the Prep and Landing elves come by, and then they heard Santa.
Ian saw the note that was left.
Ian - Santa used our paper. And our crayons. And our scissors.
Someone is observant. Well maybe Santa doesn't travel with all that stuff with him everywhere.

For breakfast, Theresa started everyone's day with delicious Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. Perfect for a Christmas morning.

Looking cute in their Christmas jammies. They're ready to go.

First up are the stockings. They're kind of new this year. I placed an order for them weeks ago from shopDisney. The two Minnie stockings were delivered a couple days ago, followed by an email saying "The 2 Mickey stockings were cancelled." Grr. It's tough to find matching family stockings. We're going to replace the stuffed animals that come with it, with our own favorite Disney characters. And now I need to find those last 2 stockings somewhere.

Before they open their own gifts, the kids are giving out presents. They spent their own money on all of these and wrapped them themselves.

A new pair of earrings for Mommy.

Candy bars for just about everyone else. We made sure to figure out everyone's favorite and get them what they wanted.

Ethan got something Ian designed himself.

Ian - It's a Super Drawer! Let me show you how it works. You hold it like this and can draw 3 lines at the same time.

Alli wrapped up a glow-stick for Donald.
Alli - We've used it a couple times, but just put it in the freezer before you use it.

A tennis racket for me.

The kids were once again great about opening presents. This one is for Ian.
Ian - Alli, you can help me open it.
And similarly, when Alli had a present, she'd say the same thing to Ian.

Oh wow. I have been looking for these for a long time.
Way back in 2007, Theresa and I went on a tour of Europe. I found a chocolate bar with real honey when we were in Germany and it was delicious. And seriously, I have been looking for it ever since. Any time we're at a specialty store or anywhere that sells lots of chocolate bars. Even when we went back to Italy and France I kept my eyes open, but never did see it.
Well Theresa found it. On a website. In Switzerland. She ordered it in the winter so it wouldn't melt on its journey to California. That's a great present!

The Myers, knowing we've been so proud of the kids this year for how good they're reading, got us all book related shirts. Mine is a little racy.

Alli - I read past my bedtime.
Ian - That's what I do. I read and I know things.
Theresa - Reading is my jam
Joe - I like big books and I cannot lie

You're styling Alli.

Ooh. With a matching pink unicorn backpack.

Ian has been asking Santa for a new Mario game for Christmas every time he sees him. I wasn't ready to buy him a Nintendo Switch or anything like that yet. Instead he's getting something that is learning related. Theresa found this robot called Dash and Dot that will teach him programming and a little engineering. He was excited for it. He's has said lots of times that he wants to be an engineer like his parents.

Alli has been doing so good on her scooter and balance bike, that it's finally time she graduates to the big leagues. For Christmas she's getting her very own bike! And of course it's bright pink.

For our present, Theresa and I are once again giving cash, but in game form.

Darts is a favorite.

Though I might have a couple extra holes in my house paneling from a few wild darts.

The dice game was a success too. When we did it last time, Jon rolled a perfect 18. This time Rita was the lucky one.

And the prize wheel was wild. Grammy landed on "Pay $5 to jackpot" twice and then only won $1!
Whoever won that jackpot was coming away a big winner.

Posing with her big payday.

Christmas lunch was 4 racks of ribs plus lots of tasty sides.

I love having the whole family here. It reminds me of a quote from the "Muppet Family Christmas".
Robin: We always get together at Christmas.
Kermit: Yeah, life would just pass in a blur if it weren't for times like this.

Theresa and Ian getting Dash and Dot set up. He can program the lights, the movement, make noises, record his voice and him Dash repeat it, play a xylophone, and even throw balls.

I think he's going to have some fun with this one.

And he's getting some help with his Hot Wheels track.

But seriously. D batteries? Thankfully CVS is open on Christmas Day.

And Alli is amazing on her new bike! Gone are the days of training wheels. After practicing on a balance bike for the summer, she was completely ready to move up to a big girl bike. I ran along behind her twice and then she was ready to go on her own. This video is literally 2 minutes after we started practicing. For the next half hour, she was going back and forth all on her own.

She's a rockstar!

It was a fun Christmas day!

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  1. Lovely Christmas family wonderful that everyone can be there. Like that "Super Drawer" creation by Ian...clever "3-for-1" idea. The Ian-Alli present-opening team...great teamwork sharing. Real honey chocolate bars...never saw those before...the honey must add a very unique, special sweetening taste to the chocolate bar that can't be duplicated with anything else. Great t-shirt idea from the Myers...think Theresa really liked your t-shirt saying :-) A little engineer in the making...Ian must have brought big smiles to your faces when he said he wanted to be an engineer, just like Mommy & Daddy! Alli looks like a royal princess biker with that pink tiara helmet and matching tights while riding a shining pink bike (she did amazingly well for her 1st time on a "big girl's bike"!) What a day of blessings! EOM