Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Cookies for Santa with Abby and Aubrey

It's the day before Christmas!

We've got a special visitor coming tonight and I know he likes to have treats waiting for him. The kids are going to make him special sugar cookies!

And even though we didn't make the dough, we can still roll it into fun shapes for decorations.

Time to pull out the cookies from the oven.
Alli - Be safe Daddy.
I think that one is a little small for me.

We can't decorate them until they're cooled down. Ian fanned them to speed things up.

After making some royal icing and mixing in different colors, it was finally decoration time!

Looking good Ian.

Great smiley face on that sugar-cookie man Alli.

Aubrey is being super meticulous, putting the beads down one at a time.

That's going to be a great stocking Abby.

At some point it was decided that there would be judging involved. Our impartial judges voted and there was 1 winner plus a huge tie for 2nd place.

First place was Aubrey's Christmas Tree cookie.

The judges pointing out their next favorites. Everyone else tied for 2nd place.

The best of all the cookies are the ones that are going to Santa.

Here's a few of the others.

I borrowed some dough too, to do some experimentation on.
The left cookies were an attempt at a "stained glass" cookie with lifesavers through the middle. The ones on the right have peppermint disks in them. The top had one in the middle and I decorated the cookie to look like a giant one. The bottom one, I melted the disk on the cookie sheet first, then baked a cookie on top of it.

When it was night, the kids got to open their first gift of Christmas. It's tradition to open 1 present on Christmas Eve. It's always pajamas, but the kids still get excited for them.

The best cookies go to Santa.

Alli wanted to know why we were leaving Santa warm gross milk.
Ian was concerned that if we left the fire going, Santa would get burned and think they were naughty.

Time for bed! Santa, come soon!

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  1. What adorable PJs on Alli & Ian...those are so festive, and so Disney :-) Alli & Ian "had their eyes all aglow and must have found it hard to sleep that night."...but they were dressed perfectly! What fun to decorate sugar cookies...everyone gets to add their favorite touches and get creative. When I read and saw that Aubrey was placing one bead at a time, I thought, "Oh my! Definitely need to be patient and careful to do that", but it turned out beautiful after all that effort. Santa was definitely getting spoiled with these cookie treats. EOM