Thursday, December 5, 2019

Bathtub Party Day - December 5th

Checking the National Day Calendar, today is Bathtub Party Day. I think we can have some fun with that.

The kids were excited when I told them about it. They wanted to make their own bath toys from their maker space. I reminded them that paper doesn't do well in bathtubs.
Alli - But bottles will!
Yes, you're right. This is what I found in the bathtub when I got home. Bottles tied together with yarn, wooden signs, and the plastic rolls leftover from all the tape they go through.

I stopped by the store on the way home to pick up a few things. Let's see. How many capfuls? 3? 4?
Let's just use the entire bottle.

Ian reminded me in the morning that you can't have a party without cake. And Alli quickly followed with "and balloons!"
I picked up some party hats to go along with the cake and balloon.

After they got in, I turned off the lights and they found another surprise. 30 glow sticks buried under all those bubbles.

The bubbles kept growing higher and higher.

Eventually they split colors between the two of them so Alli got the Orange, Yellow, and Red, while Ian got the Green, Purple, and Blue.

And how did I get all those bubbles? An air compressor in the next room with constant supply of air blowing bubbles under the water.

The kids had a really fun time celebrating Bathtub Party Day, and I had fun planning different things for it too.


  1. Oh my...that party was "all wet"!!! That was definitely an all-out Bathtub Party with all the celebratory items...the real topper has to be the air compressor usage...wild!!!! EOM

    1. I was really hoping to get a mountain of bubbles that filled the bathtub all the way up the shower curtain. I think some improvements could be made to my methodology. The nozzle generated bubbles that were too big that popped too easily. Even when I put a washrag over the nozzle, the bubbles still came out too big.