Saturday, September 28, 2019

Ian loses his second tooth!

Someone is getting big! He's had a wiggly tooth for the past couple weeks now. His first tooth came out in Michigan, so he was happy to wait until our trip to Colorado to finally get the second one out.
And this time we're trying a few different ways to get it out. First with a Nerf gun.

Then a door slam.

But two failed attempts and one brave kid later, he relented to just having me pull it.

Inspector Alli taking a closer look at the newly extracted tooth.

There it is! Nice work Ian!

Alli inspecting Avery's mouth for loose teeth.
Avery's take-away from all this was "when I get big, my daddy will cut out my teeth too."

Ian, great job on this one. Very brave to go through all those attempts. That tooth was stubborn, bending forward whenever the string pulled on it.

The second part of losing a tooth is exciting too. The visit from the tooth fairy! Even though he'll tell you the tooth fairy isn't real, it's still fun to pretend.

When he woke up the next morning, he found something under his pillow, but it fell down the crack between the mattress and the bed frame before he could get it. I pulled it out and called him back.

Nice buddy! Later we'd discuss what the Tooth Fairy might do to the with all those teeth, plus the economics of giving money for all those teeth. Ian was randomly speculating about many things. Like, perhaps the Tooth Fairy plants the teeth and they grow into a coin tree.
Ah, but Ian, you got a bill.
Well maybe she trades the coins for bills.
That then evolved into discussions about whether the coins were specific to any particular country or if the people she traded the coins to gave her money to each land. It was an interesting though experiment.

And now he's thinking he might have a third one that's loose. We'll see how long it is until the next post like this.

And for myself, Tooth P came out first. This one was Tooth O.


  1. Just the thought of pulling out a loose tooth makes me shudder :-(...Ian is pretty brave to not "freak out" at the thought :-)...and to think loose tooth #3 may be on the way! Had to smile when Alli pulled out the magnifying glass at the end of the video...she looked so serious and like a detective examining a clue! Interesting thought experiment...really gets the brain cells to imagine and think of possibilities...developing engineering thinking :-) Can't remember when/what my 1st baby tooth was pulled, but only remember how much I dreaded each time a loose baby tooth had to be pulled! EOM

    1. I agree that he was pretty brave to go through all the different attempts.
      Seeing Alli with that magnifying glass brought a smile to my face too.