Wednesday, September 25, 2019

FOUND - All 13 Hidden Mickeys in the 2019 Oogie Boogie Grand Californian Hotel Treat Display

At the Grand Californian Hotel #grandcalifornianhotel, a giant Oogie Boogie display has appeared in the lobby for Halloween! Similar to last year, there's 13 Hidden Mickeys! Let's try to find them!
Spoilers ahead... obviously. 

So how can you make your own? Here's the recipe.

The kids love Oogie Boogie and were excited to start looking for hidden mickeys. And I have to say, Ian was especially great at spotting them. He kept wanting to get picked up, but he found even more from his view on the ground.

Let's start on the front, from left to right, Numbers 1 through 8. These aren't in the order we found them. Some of these required walking around a few times. For most of these I'll attempt to give a zoomed out view and then a zoomed in closer look.

Starting at the front left corner.

1. A black Mickey shape that I think it supposed to be a rock or something.

2. In the rock column there's a group of stones arranged in the classic Mickey shape.

Ian spotted this one from down low. Just in the crook of that broken spire is a spider hanging down. No, not the bats, the smaller spider. Moving around to the back we get a better view.

3. Reminiscent of a black widow spider, this mickey widow spider has a Mickey head on its abdomen.

Over to Oogie Boogie. He's a gamblin boogie man. Let's take a closer look at them bones.

4. A Mickey head has replaced the number 3 on this die.

Oogie Boogie has surrounded himself in the cauldron with lots of different bugs.

5. This grub looking bug has an upside down Mickey on one end.

Ian was instrumental in finding this next one too. It's right at his level.

6. The bottom tooth of the giant snake has an upside-down Mickey stamped into it.

Over on the right-most column is where we'll find find our next Mickeys.

This is the one I'm least confident in. There's lots of places where there's 3 round shapes near each other. It's easy to say something is a mickey, even if it's not.
7. Another set of stones resembling a Mickey head.

8. At the base of the stone column is a leaf with a Mickey shape on it.

Time to move around to the back.

Just one? Yes, we'll get to the rest in a second. Here's Number 9.

9. A piece of candy on the back side of the cauldron has a bright yellow Mickey on the package.

Looking around the bottom, there's a few more that we think we see, but experience has shown us that if we're not going up to the second floor and looking down then we're going to miss something.

Let's go! Off to the second floor!

Looking down and what do we see?

Here's our view.

And here's what we've been able to find. Numbers 10 through 12.

10. On the top of the left column (from this view, not from the front) a vine has twisted itself into a Mickey head.

11. Visible from downstairs, but much more obvious now, is that patch of circles forming a Mickey at the base of that left column.

12. On the stem of this pumpkin is a Mickey.

And unfortunately even after looking for a good 15 minutes, that's all we were able to find. Just 12 hidden Mickeys when we were told there were 13. Knowing we might run into this problem, I took zoomed in photos of many parts of the display, hoping that when I looked through them later, something would pop out at me.

And as luck would have it, something did pop out upon further review.

On the very right side, there is a bat. Theresa and I both thought there had to be something with the bats, but nothing stood out to us when we were there.

Fortunately I found this. Lucky number 13. I'm not sure if this is visible from the ground or not. I'll be checking it out the next time I'm there.
13. This bat has a white Mickey on the back of his right wing.

And just to finish the map of where to find them, there's 10 through 13.

So those are the ones we found. Have you found anything different? Do you agree with my pick on #7? 

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!...Ian and the rest of the family have EXCELLENT eagle eyes, especially for spotting hidden Mickeys. Some of those Mickeys are so tiny or blended in so well (black widow spider, die, bug, and especially on the vine)...not to mention, of course, the faint one on the bat! Still amazed that you can see such details from the 2nd floor, too (guess it's especially amazing to someone who has worn corrective lenses since 5th grade!) Btw, I think #7 qualifies as a Mickey! GREAT Mickey hunting by everyone!! EOM