Saturday, September 14, 2019

National Cream Filled Donut Day - September 14th

It's a beautiful day here in sunny So Cal and the kids and I are outside enjoying the nice weather. It also happens to be National Cream Filled Donut Day.

We stopped by one of our local donut shops and got the very last cream filled one that had.

And then we were off to explore a brand new park and eat our donut.

Mmm. The cream filling is tasty, isn't it.

New parks come with lots of new play areas. Like big climbing walls.

Or whatever this contraption is called. It looks like a giant spiderweb.

Alli really enjoyed this spinning whatever it's called.

But maybe more than spinning herself, she liked to spin others.

Ian kept going back and forth to that spiderweb. Getting a little braver each time.

Until finally "Look at me Daddy!"
Hey, nice job Ian! You made it to the top!

Once we got home the fun continued. The front yard was transformed into a water park. The yard sprinklers helped, plus I got out another sprinkler attached to a hose.

Wow, they are so big compared to that slide now. This photo is from when he first got it. He loved to climb all the way to the top and stand up.

And eventually it became an outside slide, and it was great for water days then too.

You've gotta have some music while you're playing. I could think of no better song than "Splashdance" from the Disney album of the same name. I know I listened to that cassette way too much growing up. The kids love the Splashdance song and Chip and Dale's Vacation.

It's been a really fun day today. Tomorrow is going to be another fun one!

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  1. Oh the days and years zip on by, as evidenced by the initial slide pictures compared to today's slide pictures. Both Ian & Alli are definitely enjoying their own personal water park (not sure if your lawn is long enough, but wonder if the kids would also enjoy a simple ground water slide...I'm thinking of just that flat plastic sheet on the ground w/o any of the fancy add-ons...something like the early Wham-o Slip n' Slide from many moons ago). A lot of new creations in the new parks...not surprising Ian took to the spiderweb since he enjoys rock climbing, too (didn't look like heights scared him off easily, either!) cream doughnut...those are good...especially the cream part :-) Saturday was definitely a beautiful day for the park! EOM