Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Maple Creme Oreos taste test

Who loves maple? We do! And I think I got my love of maple from my mom, who happens to be visiting! What better time to do a taste test of these new Maple Creme Oreos!

And we always like to try these along with something. I couldn't find maple ice cream, though that does sound delicious. And maple bars are tasty too, but I'm going to be using one of those in another taste test here shortly. I've been hearing a lot of good things about these Trader Joe's Maple Leaf cookies, both as a suggestion here and from people at work.
It's a Maple Leaf Cookie versus the Maple Creme Oreos. Who will come out on top?!?

First we've got the Maple Creme Oreos. I've been looking forward to these all summer.

Inside there's nothing special going on with the creme, like some of those 2 flavor Oreos that we've tasted.

These Trader Joe's Maple Leaf cookies win for looks. I love the leaf shape. The creme inside is a bit creamier too because I tried pulling 3 cookies apart and I could never get it to stick to just 1 side.

Looking at the ingredient list, I was a little disappointed to see the Oreos don't have any maple syrup, while the TJ's cookies have it as the 5th ingredient. The first ingredient in the Oreos is sugar and then flour. TJ's first ingredient is flour and then cane sugar.

Time to go around the room and see who likes what.

The Oreo cookies are really sweet, which could be because their first ingredient is sugar. Also despite being artificial, the maple flavor is really strong on these. Between the two, Ian and I liked these the best.

The rest of the family voted for the TJ's Maple Leaf cookies. The maple is more subtle to be sure. Ian thought the cookie was like a cracker. It certainly wasn't sweet like the Oreo cookies. But it was the favorite of Theresa, Alli, Gram, and Pop Pop.

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  1. Do like the appearance of the TJ maple leaf cookie, too...Hmmmmmmmm...pluses and minuses for each the stronger maple cream flavor but would prefer that combined with the less sweet TJ cookie.'s a thought (experiment)...scrape the cream off one TJ cookie and scrape the Oreo maple creme onto that TJ cookie...wonder how that combination tastes! Another fun oreo taste test. EOM