Friday, September 6, 2019

National Read A Book Day - September 6th

Similar to National Book Lovers Day, today is National Read A Book Day!
That's not a problem for us! Our Gram works at the library and makes sure we have plenty of new books on our bookshelf! Before bed, everyone took a turn reading a book to the family.

And if we ever feel like we need something new, I'm really happy there's lots of Little Free Library's around too. There just so happens to be one at Ian's school.

When Alli and I walk to pick him up and get there a little early, we'll grab a book and sit down to read it.

And it's always fun to find something new to read. I'm really happy the kids love books!

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  1. What a great idea to have each family member read something to everyone...real blessing that the kids enjoy reading, along w/ their parents. Couldn't help noticing the Amelia Bedelia book...that character book series was a favorite of mine, growing up!; and that Ada book must have been a fun, interesting read, too. Great to see more of those "Little Free Library" kiosks around...and so handy to have one at Ian's school...perfect way to spend the time w/ Alli when waiting around. Nice photo of Alli & Daddy while waiting at Ian's school. EOM