Friday, September 6, 2019

National Cheese Pizza Day - September 5th

We're a family full of pizza lovers, and usually we're fans of meat pizzas, but today for National Cheese Pizza Day we can go without.

I grabbed a pizza and we all went to the park to enjoy it.

Mmm. Pizza.

Normally the kids will go straight to the playground, but today the rocks were more intriguing to them. And I definitely approve! Growing up I had lots of fun climbing around, on, and over rocks.

If I had thought we'd be climbing rocks, I would have insisted on shoes other than crocs.

Ian showing me some of his "tricks" on the swing.

Why is everyone smiling and giggling so big?

Because we managed to squeeze all three of us onto one swing! I don't know what kind of weight this chain is rated for, but I was hoping it would hold. We didn't go completely parallel to the ground, but we did get fairly high with all three of us together.

And because we've got to step it up a notch, the kids wanted to spin on the swings. Ian really got going. Just because I was curious, I timed how fast his rotations were. Just a little over 1 revolution a second, meaning he's spinning at 60+ RPM. That looks fun! And he was dizzy!

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  1. Aaaaaahhh...those were the days regarding those swing tricks/twists...loved it then but wouldn't try it now because I'd get really sick now (i.e., more than just dizzy!). Looks like Ian and Alli enjoyed the swings a lot (along with the "big kid" :-)). Beautiful way to enjoy some family time at the park as well as celebrate a favorite food, pizza! Good exercise fun climbing rocks (since rocks weren't around our neighborhood when growing up, I enjoyed "climbing" a nearby tree instead...but got into a lot of trouble when caught!) EOM