Monday, September 16, 2019

A Haunted Club 33 Celebration Pt 2

As you may have surmised, the second half of this trip report has us at Club 33!
Push the button Ian!

In the old Court of Angels courtyard, there's always a beverage to try. Did our host do something special for us? At first glance I thought it said The Flowers Celebration, but on re-reading it it says Three Flowers Celebration.

I like all the Haunted Mansion decorations here, like the Club 33 crypt.

Ian has been asking about this bird nearly every time we walk by the Club 33 door. It's been years since we've been in here, but he still remembers it. Alfred the vulture only talks randomly and wasn't talking right now, but Ian was still super excited to see him again.
We all went into Salon Nouveau to catch up with our hosts. It's been a while since we've been at Disneyland at the same time.

And one of the coolest parts (as parents) about the club, is the time the kids get to spend with the characters! There's very few kids here, so Ian and Alli got 2 on 2 time for 10 minutes with Mickey and Minnie until their set was over.

And the characters here are amazing with the kids, really able to get their points across when communicating.

Mickey and Minnie are super dressed up for Halloween too. The bats on the inside of Mickey's cape match those on Minnie's dress. They loved the kids outfits too. Pointing out themselves in Ian and Alli's shirts. Mickey used Ian's Scary Teddy hat to chomp on Ian's head.

They all danced.

And twirled around. Alli loves twirling.

Great photos kids.

And getting one by themselves.

Thanks Minnie and Mickey. You guys are great.

Ian said "WAIT! We need a family picture too!" Good call Ian.

They had a great time.

Hugs all around.

Alfred talked a few times while we were in the lobby, much to the delight of Ian.

Back in the Salon, we ordered drinks. When I went in for a sip, my tooth tapped the straw and I was initially shocked but very surprised that they're not using those terrible paper straws here! Instead they've got metal straws in all their drinks!

The kids are well behaved, but a couple hours is too long to expect them to sit quietly in a conversation that they aren't able to follow along with. After having them participate for the first 30 minutes, we let them use their iPads. I thought it was funny to see the headphones over Scary Teddy.

We had a fun time with our friends. As we were leaving, buying things from the case, using the restroom, etc, Ian again wanted to wait to hear Alfred talk, much to the delight of other people in the lobby.

A previous visit from 2016.

Still ever the patient kid.

It's been a long but fun day in the parks.

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  1. What a way to end the day...Club 33! Ian & Alli really had a great time with Mickey & Minnie...Ian's exuberant expression along w/ his raised arms perfectly captures his joy during his interaction w/ Mickey (and Minnie)...ah, nice to see a twirling Alli w/ her swirling, colorful skirt (perfect skirt for twirling!). Ian is definitely fascinated by the talking "Alfred the Vulture"...even in 2016 he kept "waiting for the birdie" to talk...guess the Tiki birds will have to do in-between these Alfred visits :-) Great day in the park! EOM