Monday, September 16, 2019

A Haunted Club 33 Celebration Pt 1

Happy Sunday! We're going to the park!
And hooray! The new walkway is open! Cast Member Michael saw all of our Nightmare Before Christmas hats and entertained us with a few Jack Skellington Jokes. Like, "Why didn't Jack tell Sally he didn't like her cooking? He didn't have the guts."

It was really nice to skip the two long traffic lights and walk straight over to security. From parking the car, walking over, and then getting through security it only took 10 minutes! A much better start to the day than waiting in a huge crowd to cross a non-busy street and just waiting for the light to change.

Coming down Main Street USA it felt busy. We were at the park an hour after opening so we were expecting a few more crowds. APs including the Deluxe level can come in today, so I thought that would add to the crowds too. But upon walking by the Astro Orbitor, it was a walk-on! Great!

They are all dressed up in their halloween clothes. Alli got this dress last week and I bet she's worn it 4 times this past week.

Let's go Alli! Flying high!

With no line the kids were eager to go again.

And this time Ian is steering us.

The three of us have matching hats today. I'm wearing a Pumpkin King Jack Skellington from Disneyland a few years ago. Alli and Ian are wearing hats that were released closer to when the movie came out I think.

Autopia had a 5 minute line posted, but once we got in line only track was running. The kids both were hoping for the gold car. When they told me and Alli that we were number 6 she was excited! Wrong side Alli. We're in the cars on the opposite track.

Zero, won't you drive my sleigh tonight?
She's getting better at the corners.

And here comes Ian and Theresa in a red car.

It's the season for the fruit trees to be producing and that's always a favorite for Theresa. We saw mangos that were so ripe they'd fallen to the ground.

And then some persimmons that were just starting to turn yellow.

And a pomegranate tree with some bright red fruits.

It's only 9:45am and already there's a line for the Annual Passholder Corner where the new Halloween AP magnets are being given away. I'm hoping to hop in a short line later today to get our magnets.

Lines are still short and because it's my unbirthday, we rode Alice in Wonderland.

It's also nice to get back to Toontown before it gets too busy. The kids had fun setting off the sound effects around the fountain.

T took Ian, while I rode with Alli in the back.

T was done after 1 ride, so we did a rider swap with the kids. This time Alli wanted to sit on the left side. Love those expressions.

Ian's turn on the left side.

We're in no particular rush today, so when the kids wanted to play in Goofy's yard, we were happy for the break. These benches are also conducive to getting back rubs, which the kids will give for a few seconds before running off and playing on something else.

They realized that both of their hats were flying characters, so they "flew" them around. I mentioned that Superman is another character who could flew, but Ian said he had a better one. Who buddy?
Ian - Peter Pan!
Alli quickly after him - And Tinker Bell!!!
Smart kids.

We're jumping all over the park today, criss-crossing the Hub a few times.

It's a long wait for the Mansion, but we've got a Fast Pass!

For being such a minor character in the movie, Scary Teddy sure does show up a lot in here in this Nightmare Overlay. I think it's 1 time in the stretching room and multiple times on the ride?

Squeezing into one Doom Buggy.

Two Zeros!

Since we're this close, I think a ride on Winnie the Pooh is in order. And unfortunately Splash Mountain is down, so Pooh was a little busier than usual.

Walking to our next fastpass we encountered Jack Sparrow who was finishing up with a girl dressed as Pirate Red. His handler said that Jack had to leave after her. I guess "We'll always remember this day as the day we almost met Captain Jack Sparrow."

Next was Big Thunder Mountain with a couple brave kids.

I still need to tell them about the goat trick.

For lunch, we went all the way to the other side of the park to Pizza Planet. The kids enjoyed figuring out the different planet types that were on the ceiling. Obviously Pizza Planet is easy. But there's also Tomato planet, Bell Pepper planet, Onion planet, and more.

Well my thoughts of getting our magnet later in the day weren't looking so good. That line is a little insane for the AP corner. Stretching back and forth across the Innoventions building 4 times and the line up the ramp into the building. I'm hoping it will die down in the next few weeks.

Saving the day with Buzz Lightyear.

If the clock is chiming on it's a small world, we have to stop and watch the procession.

Alli has been chosen!

For the first time ever, the kids sat in the front row all by themselves with us behind them. And I don't know how everything aligned, but the boat in front of us was way far away so it was a very pleasant ride without distractions.

Alli turned into a little tour guide, pointing out all sorts of things to Ian.

Another look at our "empty" view.

Since we're here we're riding Roger Rabbit.

Then another round on Big Thunder.

We're meeting up with friends at 2:30. Ian asked what time it was now and I told him 2pm. How long will the carousel take? About 5 minutes buddy.
He thought for a little while and said, "We can ride it 6 times!"
Uh, wow. Nice job buddy. Glad to see that even in Kindergarten you're understanding math concepts.

I messed with Alli the whole ride pretending that it was a different ride.
Alli, are we going to see pirates on this ride? Sing with me. Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirates' life... "Daddy, that's not this ride."
Oh okay, well this is the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness then, right? "No daddy."
Got it. Let's sing. It's a small world after all... "This is the carousel Daddy."
You get the idea. Finally when the ride slowed down, I relented. Oh, this is the carousel? Great I love the carousel! Let's ride it! "Daddy, it's all over!"

With just a few minutes to go, we took a quick spin on Snow White.

It's been a really good day for rides! 12 unique rides and a few of them multiple times! Now we're going another place fun!

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  1. That was a fun "ride (attraction)" day. Like that gangly Jack sitting on the pumpkin hat...really shows off his long legs :-) Amazing way to start the day...only 10 minutes from parking through security (unbelievable)...too bad the AP Corner line wasn't as cooperative (too insane to stand in that type of line!) Cute photo of Ian hugging Alli at the Astro Orbitor...very festive, colorful Halloween outfits on the kids...Alli must love to twirl in her skirt with its fullness and ruffles (I'm thinking of a ballerina-type twirl). Ripe mangos and persimmons are just so delicious to eat! That's pretty good of Ian to calculate the number of potential carousel rides after you said 5 minutes long...actually, kind of amazing if you ask me...guess Dad better be careful when future discussions involve numbers (just like being careful of "exactly what you say"!) Alli trying to teach her "silly" Daddy what attraction they're the banter :-) Time to see the other fun place...... EOM